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PED's, what should be done?


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With the potential upcoming suspensions mentioned in the thread from Roy ( http://forum.orioleshangout.com/forums/showthread.php/134419-ROTOWORLD-reports-Arod-and-Braun-suspensions-are-coming ), I am curious what everyone thinks should be done about PED's in general, if anything different from how it is currently being handled. Obviously we still have major issues with players using and I would imagine with the money involved, we always will. Someone will always be looking to manufacture new forms of performance enhancing drugs to sell and others will be looking to create even better masking agents.

Arod alone was signed to over a half of a billion dollars in contracts (yes I know not in total, but still), that is a lot of money and a lot of people would want a piece of that and other upcoming pies.

So, what does everyone think should be done? Let them go all out, a PED free for all? Full season or lifetime bans immediately? Something in between? Status quo is OK?

Just curious what could be done better. I for one, do not like the free for all, because this is a game for the fans and especially kids. Hard work to achieve your goals should always be emphasized first IMO.

I thought about making a poll, but really don't know how and really I am not sure what the options should be there.....so what do you all think?

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“Any time you are young and you are watching guys that you look up to and you find out they were doing something they weren’t supposed to, I think it’s disheartening, But at the same time I can’t imagine what it was like to play in those days and be a guy that’s going to hit 30 or 40 home runs and all of the sudden you are a middle-of-the-road guy because you see a bunch of guys hitting 50 and 60. I know it was probably a tough decision. I know a lot of those guys might regret what they did. But I’m not judging them as a person. I don’t think any less of them as a person. I just wish they hadn’t done it.”


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Here is a link you may want to check out. It's a blog post by former MLB player Ryan Spilborghs (he is currently playing in Japan). It's pretty candid and he has some interesting thoughts overall. I originally posted this in the Biogenisis thread that was started back on July 9th.


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I don't think I could care less about anything. Make it legal or ban for life on the first offense, voiding the contract and any monies owed. Tens of millions of our tax dollars goes into investigating this crap. Who cares what they do, let them all cheat if baseball isn't willing to really curb it.

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