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NCAA Tournament Game 1 of (1-6) - Maryland vs. California

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Great job by the Terps today.

I thought they played well all game long. Had the stretch in the first half where the shots weren't dropping, but they did a good job of consistently trying to get good looks and played well defensively all game long. Greivis too a few bad shots like he usually does, but he has to do that, because often times he makes those shots (and made some tonight). Bowie played great, Milbourne wasn't the force I thought he'd be but he played well, Hayes hit some really big shots, and Dino was the guy that changed the game from a game Maryland was leading to a game Maryland was going to win.

Biggest credit goes to the entire team for the way we defended. They had about three open three point shots and I only remember the press getting broken for an open three or layup twice all game. Outstanding defensive effort.

Maryland played better than Memphis did today. Maybe it was a wakeup call for Memphis and they'll play better on Saturday, because they are the better and more talented team, but if it comes down to heart and coaching, Maryland wins that game.

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