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Luis Hernandez Goes Yard


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    • Yeah I just think he's a super interesting guy. Much like his time with the Red Sox, he's a divisive guy who had moments of greatness mixed with moments of not.  The same guy signed Chen, but got himself blacklisted in S. Korea. The same guy turned Miguel Gonzalez and Jason Hammel into very good pitchers, but couldn't get basically any pitching prospect to pop. Just an interesting, mixed body of work. 
    • I see Duquette as a mixed bag, neither all good nor all bad.  I do find it interesting that, despite having some success in his various stops, he went 9 years without a job in MLB after Boston fired him, and he’s been unable to land another position in the 4+ years since being fired by the Orioles.  That suggests he’s not the easiest guy to work with, regardless of whatever other merits he has.  At this point, I think time probably has passed him by.   
    • Oh right, I do remember that. Few things:   1) Britton was injured that year and was going to be expensive the next year, so the value was only so high. 2) We have no idea who else was in the trade. Just because players aren’t/weren’t top 100 guys doesn’t mean they don’t end up being very good players. What if Cristian Javier was a guy they identified (not even sure if he was in the org at that time but the point remains the same)?   
    • An epic derail one post into the thread. Some fans cannot get over their Chris Davis hangup.  Feel bad for @wildcard who had a nice original point that there are a lot of players **on the 40-man roster** (i.e.: not Chris Davis) Elias did NOT jettison simply because they weren't "his" guys. 
    • Had an offer on the table from Hou that had Colin Moran as a headliner.  Was nixed because of medical issues.  https://www.camdenchat.com/2017/8/31/16234234/orioles-trade-rumors-zach-britton-astros-colin-moran
    • DD did some good things, as for the rest of this thread, sheesh, has Spring Training started yet?
    • Davis contract, Trumbo contract, Hardy contract, Cobb contract... The rebuild has been painful and Duquette was the one who put us in that position. Ownership likely pressured Duquette and influenced his strategy and it sounds like Brady/Peter made the warehouse culture pretty toxic, so it's not all his fault, but his signatures were on all the contracts. It's good that Kremer has turned into a legit option but that's pretty much the bare minimum we should have gotten back for a player like Manny. I'm very bullish on Grayson but bearish on Hall. After those two you have Sedlock, Stewart, and Harvey... Gunnar alone is worth more than that group. 
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