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Ironbirds Promo Schedule


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Aberdeen IronBirds Unveil Promotional Schedule for 2016 Season

Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium to host 19 themed promotional nights including Anniversary celebrations of iconic 80?s film Ferris Bueller to the 1966 World Series Champion Orioles and, of course, over a dozen fireworks nights!

Aberdeen, Md. ? The Aberdeen IronBirds, Class A short season affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, today announced its promotional schedule for the 2016 regular season. In addition to the 19 themed promotional nights, IronBirds fans attending games at Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium will have the opportunity to enjoy 14 post-game fireworks shows throughout the season.

?Our goal this season was to bring back some of the themes that our fans enjoyed in 2015 and combine that with unique and entertaining new promotional nights,? said IronBirds General Manager Joe Harrington. ?Our fan base is a huge part of who we are, so it?s important for us to listen to their feedback and give them a fun atmosphere that encourages them to visit us as often as possible. ?

June 22 marks the home opener for the IronBirds? 15th season as they host the Auburn Doubledays for a three-game series, which will include Leidos Military Appreciation Night on June 23 and a fireworks show on June 24. On July 4, the IronBirds will host a special Stars and Stripes Celebration honoring our country?s independence, followed by a fireworks spectacular.

The IronBirds have added seven new promotions to the upcoming season?s lineup, including Game Show Night (June 25), Olympics Night (August 4), Celebrate Hollywood (August 5), Ladies Night (August 9), Wrestling Night (August 20), and Outdoorsman Night (September 2). In addition to celebrating the team?s beloved mascot Ferrous? BirthDAY Off on September 4, the IronBirds are paying homage to Ferris Bueller?s Day Off in honor of the iconic film?s 30th Anniversary.

Many fan-favorites will return this season, including Super Hero Night (June 26), Bark in the Park (July 17), Christmas in July (July 28), Women in Business Night (July 29), Orioles Celebration Night ? which will now honor the 50th Anniversary of the team?s 1966 World Series Championship (August 11), Football Night (August 14), Throwback Night honoring the Negro Leagues (August 27), Halloween in August (August 28) and Fan Appreciation Night (September 5).

Key Dates for Tickets ?

? January 11 ? Group outings go on sale

? March 9 ? In celebration of National Crabmeat Day, single seat tickets for the Extra Innings Caf?, as well as Crab Feast outings, will go on sale

? April 30 ? Individual tickets officially on sale at the annual IronFest event at Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium. This day will also include the third annual Amanda Hichkad CCA Celebration Walk benefitting Cancer LifeNet at University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health Program

For a complete look at the 2016 promotions schedule visit the IronBirds' official website at www.IronBirdsbaseball.com. To order season seat memberships, fans can speak with an IronBirds representative by calling 410-297-9292.

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    • I admit,I was ONE. I'm last to the dance. I was wrong, and I freely admit it. Mateo is electric when he is on a hit streak, and he is on one now. Offensively, defensively,on the bases, giving this team a jolt. Sure, he'll cool off, and he'll slump again, but we are all riding his wave right now . And wont doubt what he can be...ever again.
    • Beavers’ 152 WRC+ is second only to Kjerstad in the Orioles’ system. 
    • That's just it.  He's SO talented, I simply can't figure out why the slumps are SO bad and SO long.  I know that all players have hot streaks and cold spells, and while I largely rather have players who are more consistent, even if it means they may not have the insane highs that some have, the ups and downs are part of baseball.  But the peaks and the valleys are just so bloody extreme with Mateo it's hard to wrap my mind around it.  A Mateo hitting like he has this year is extremely valuable.  While I'm the #1 member of the 'Mateo haters' fan club, I'm an Os fan first and foremost.  If he can help the team win, then I'm all for it, and so far this year he certainly has.  I hope his cold spell is a long way away, and when it inevitably happens, I hope it is milder than it has been in the past, and lasts for a much shorter time.  With the way some of the rest of the lineup has been hitting, we need production out of Mateo, and fortunately we've been getting it so far.  
    • When I first read this trade, I thought we gave up the additional prospect. Seeing that I misread that, I think the Os just bought a prospect from the Brewers and decided to see the arm on the ML roster. This trade wasn’t about Vieria imo.
    • Stowers has barely played on this team the past 2 years.  Heston as well.   Mayo never.    Elias is like Chris Ballard with the Colts.  He loves his 'old vet' guys. 
    • It's weird seeing Grich without his mustache.  
    • First of all Stowers is in the majors. Perhaps you missed his 3 hit 4 RBI game. The reason that Heston and Mayo aren’t in the majors is because other young players are instead.   IE Cowser and Gunnar and Westburg and Stowers et al.  There are only so many roster spots   Mayo needs work on the defensive side.  Kjerstad is straight up blocked   This narrative that ME simply doesn’t want to play the prospects he worked so hard to accumulate is just so tired and lame. 
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