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June 26th @ Wrigley


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Interesting lineup...Scott sitting vs. a righty, Cintron batting 2nd..

This bothers me. Is this just because Payton hit two homers yesterday against a lefty who he's always been able to hit ridiculously well? Does Trembley seriously think he would have done that against a righty? No me gusta.

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He replaced Scott with Payton in a double switch a few days ago.

No, the other way around with him replacing Payton WITH Luke Scott. Usually it works the other way with Payton going into the game later. This would bring Scott into the game later. I was just throwing out a funny irony which may not be as funny as I thought, LOL :laughlol:

Clearly I need a nap and holy crap this new Gameday is throwing me off. It moves around now! :eek:

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