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Jack Cust and Rob Deer


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I haven't seen this news posted. Sorry if I missed it.

Everyone that has ever thought, "I think Jack Cust would be kind of like Rob Deer." Now clearly has to replace that thought with, "Rob Deer was kind of like Jack Cust."

Cust has set a new AL record with 187 strikeouts and counting, breaking Deer's 1987 mark of 186. Cust has now drawn 100+ walks in each of the last two seasons. Deer never drew more than 86, but it's my opinion that he would've drawn more walks if he ever played where it was embraced the way Cust's approach is embraced in Oakland.

By the way, Cust hit his 30th HR and notched his 188th strikeout today. Even if he threatens Ryan Howard's ML record of 199 (2007), he'll probably be out-whiffed by Mark Reynolds or Ryan Howard who currently stand at 196 and 194, respectively.

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