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All Star Game Hosts


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There is an article on mlb.com about the Red Sox asking to host the 2012 All Star game because that year will be the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park. The Sox of course had the game in 1999, so I got to thinking about all the teams who should be ahead of them in line.

St. Louis hosts in 2009 and Anaheim in 2010. MLB is currently asking for applications for 2011, 12, and 13.

- Washington has a new park and the city hasn't hosted since 1969.

- The Mets will have a new park and after St. Louis takes its turn the Mets will be the only remaining team to only host the game once (1964).

- Tampa, Florida, and Arizona have never had the game.

- Minnesota will have a new park and last hosted in 1985.

- Oakland will have a new park and last hosted in 1987.

- Cincinnati's and San Diego's new parks have not hosted the game yet, and each city last hosted over 15 years ago (88 and 92). Philly's new stadium has not yet hosted, but Philly had the game in 1996.

- Then there are two teams that don't have new stadiums but haven't had the game for quite a while: Dodgers (1980), Royals (1973).

And there probably is a team or two out there that I'm forgetting. The Orioles should be ahead of Boston in line but behind all the teams above and such teams as the Cubs (1990) and Toronto (1991).

In short, Fenway should not get the game, anniversary or not.

My predictions for the venues:

2011 - Arizona

2012 - Minnesota

2013 - Washington or NY Mets

Of course, the teams have to want the game to get it, but I am working under the assumption that all of them would like to have it (though this is not necessarily true).

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... The Mets will have a new park and after St. Louis takes its turn the Mets will be the only remaining team to only host the game once (1964).

The All Star Game was held in St. Louis in 1940, 1948, 1957, and 1966. Baseball Almanac The former Orioles (Browns) were the host in 1948, but the Cardinals were the host the other 3 times.

The Orioles have hosted the All Star game twice since moving to Baltimore, in 1958 and in 1993.

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