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  1. Yes, so by that rational without them there would have been less than 30,000, loved the fact that they participated, but a big part of why they were here is us, they got see a big time team in a big time stadium. We dont need their help, we had 34,000 on a Thursday afternoon game and last home stand a 36,000 crowd with no Rays fans in the crowd.
  2. Yes I would also love more pitching, but a big part of this team's strategy is wrecking machine offense, if youre the Yanks do you have confidence that Rodon can get thru this line up 3 times.
  3. Dont know that Im all in on that but he sure looked over matched
  4. Maybe for one year QO, Yes big time bat. I floated youre same line of thinking with Mounty a couple of weeks ago. Tie him up for the next 5 years and use youre prospects to acquire pitching. I got a very severe scolding from SG.
  5. Doubt thier going to extend Santander to a 3 year deal and Kjerstad is not a top 3 Again they wont be trading any of those for pitching
  6. Could also be North of yesterday(not by much) Love that Philly fans are involved, Dont like the commentary from their Fans or announcers that the only reason its sold out is because of their fans. They are here because not only do they travel< but get a chance to see how they match against a really good team in a great StaDium. Like there really would be same crowd as Tampa last home stand( Low to mid 30,s)
  7. Who says were punting, Look with all do respect Crochet is a good young pitcher thats having a great year, has 2+ years of team control, might be on an innings limit, not saying they wont make a trade for him, but would be shocked at best if one of our top 3 were involved
  8. Number 4 starter could matter plenty. In the meantime I think they will pick up some BP arms, but dont look for them to spend a lot, They need Danny back, get back to a 5 man staff and one of these starters goes to the pen, if Povich can keep his head above water.
  9. Camden Yards (defense) and starting pitchers like Wheeler, should have got a start yesterday against Walker. Should be able to get a start in New York In the meantime do like Hays, stay ready if called.
  10. We did not start the Season with Bradish or Means, back in April most here thought Bradish was gone for the year and the way Means was rehabbing his career was over
  11. And Luzardo has "Erik Bedard" written all over him, IMO. Not to mention John Means, Tyler Wells, possibly Bradish and dozens of other pitchers. They are 10 games up in the wildcard, It's next guy up, next waiver claim up and next month next trade up.
  12. Minor correct, but it looks like 130k for the weekend, what a show by the Philly fans last night
  13. Talk to Tampa and Miami, and every team, It's the game today, pitchers are dropping like flies.
  14. Santander has not had an off day since 5/30. Tomorrow would be would a good day to gives Stowers a RF start and Santander a bench day. Did it yesterday with Mounty it also could work with Hays or Mullins. The could easily get him 3 or 4 starts a week, whether or not they do is another question.
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