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I am reminded of some of the posts Tony has made over the years.


In talking to several people who cover the Rockies, as well as others close to the organization, one thing has been consistently brought up: the Rockies' public relations staff is brutal to people who cover the team in what they feel is a negative light. Brutal, as in they refuse to grant any sort of credentials, send out condescending emails in response to information inquiries, and just have a general "living in the 1970's" feel about them. Granted, "old school" doesn't always mean "bad," but this is a different kind of "living in the past."

In the case of Denver-area radio show host Peter Burns, the unnecessary brashness seems to have come back to bite the club's PR staff. In an open letter to the Rockies organization posted on Mile High Sports, Burns ripped the club for refusing to grant a request to interview Michael Cuddyer, who is the Rockies' nomination for the Roberto Clemente award, which honors outstanding service to a player's community.

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