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Cyberbaseball(new game)


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http://v3.cyberbaseball.net./ (I know this is not MLB related but baseball related in a way)

It starts tonight at midnight and you can join anytime after that no matter what season we are in etc.

It is kind of like fantasy baseball but here is a description


CyberBaseball is a mmo game that brings a unique combination of baseball simulation and strategy into one. Each registered user will act as a single player. Each team is made up of 10 starting players. Each division is made up of 16 teams, and each league consists of 2 divisions, totaling 32 teams per league.

Season Play, the Playoffs, and Simulations

The regular season runs from the 1st day of the month, through the 15th day of the month. One season game will be played each day on a set schedule. At the end of the 15th day, the top 6 teams from each division will advance to the playoffs. One playoff game will be played each day. Each round in the playoffs is a best of 3 series, however, regardless of the outcome, all 3 games will always be played. This allows teams that made the playoffs to collect more cash and experience points.

Trophies and Awards

On the 27th day of the month, when the CyberSeries has ended, seasonal awards, and the CyberSeries trophy will be awarded. Several awards can be won both during the season and during the playoffs!

Daily Training

As a player, you will be required to train daily. By default, you can train any of your 8 trainable attributes, but you can only drink 10 energy drinks per day. You also have a dependability level that will gain experience every day that you login for the first time that day. Training sessions can range anywhere from 15xp to 150xp while you get 15xp for dependability every time you login.

Other Important Information

While the season games are being played, there are a couple of other important things to remember, and be prepared for.

Team Elections

Starting on the 24th of each month, and running until the end of the 26th day, team members can candidate to run for the Team Manager. The team manager has several abilities and very important responsibilities. The Team Manager, once elected, can appoint up to 2 Team Captains. Team Managers and Team Captains have the ability to change the teams batting order from day to day, game to game.

On the 27th day of the month, team elections will take place. Each member of the team will be allowed to vote 1x for the candidate of their choice. A player may not vote for themselves. In the event of a tie, the player with the highest level / total experience points will be awarded the Team Manager position.

Pennant Chase - Currently Not Available

The Team Manager is the only person on the team that can administer the Pennant Chase module. When each server/league is formed, each of the 32 teams are given a pennant, with their representing Team Number on it. Team managers can challenge other teams, and start a Pennant Chase battle to take the opposing team's pennant away from them. This will cost the team 10,000 cybercash. The first team to reach 100,000 points will win. Each player can donate to the team funds to start a Pennant Chase battle.

The Pennants are directly tied to season and playoff game simulations. The higher the amount of pennants a team owns, each player will receive a performance boost. The more pennants you have, the better your team will perform on the field at game time.

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