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Toronto Blue Jays (worst team in American League East last 20 years?)


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I was just thinking that you could make an argument that Toronto is actually the worst team in the America League East the last 20 years. Because they havent sniffed a playoff game since 93. They havent even been close to first. Their best season in games back was 4.5 in the year 2000. Usually they have been at least 10-25 games back.

With Baltimore in the Playoffs in 96,97 and 2012. Tampa has been in the playoffs in 08,10 and 2011.

So by this standard can we make the argument that Toronto is the worst of the East?

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From 1993-2012 the Baltimore Orioles are 1,488-1,682 (.470) while the Toronto Blue Jays are 1,572-1,602 (.495). From 1993-2012 the Baltimore Orioles have made three playoff appearances (1996,97, and 2012) while the Toronto Blue Jays have made one playoff appearance (1993). I guess this says the Baltimore Orioles have been either really good or really bad (mostly really bad) while the Toronto Blue Jays have been consistently above average.

I think you mean "consistently about average," not "consistently above average." .495 is not above average.

We've clearly been the worse team over the last 20 years, but you could argue, from a fan's perspective, that you'd rather root for a worse team that manages to have a few playoff seasons than a better team that's always an also-ran. Neither is all that satisfying, to be honest. Hopefully, 2012 is more than a one-year spike for the Orioles.

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