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Might we see Manny at SS?


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No, I don't mean as a starter. I think on Friday night we would have seen Manny at SS if we had tied the game. Until Hardy comes back, that situation may come up again, just based on roster construction.

Consider, in the 9th Friday night, Snider pinch hit for Cabrera. At that point, our remaining bench was Pearce, Lough, and Lavarnway, with Paredes as DH. We ended up using Pearce and then Lough in de Aza ' s spot. If we had tied the game and gone to the 10th, who else but Manny would play SS? If Pearce were still in, you'd probably have to go Pearce at 11 and Davis at 3B, with Manny sliding over. With Lough in, you would probably put Paredes at 3B and lose the DH, with Manny sliding to SS again. It has to work out this way in this scenario, right?

I just was intrigued by the possibility of seeing Manny in a cameo at SS. I think long-term he's a 3B, but it would be fun to see him at SS.

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