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vs. METS, 8/18


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Tonight's BIG QUESTION are the Mets that good or the A's that bad

Mets are good. A's are bad. The Orioles lost (so far) this game for themselves more than the Mets beat them. Schoop is single handedly responsible for 3 of their 5 runs. Other than that it's a 2-1 game. That's kind of the problem though. The Orioles LOSE too many games rather than getting beat by the opponent. This game could've (and still could) go either way but the Orioles made some mistakes and it cost them, as they seemingly all have this season.

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Down multiple runs in the 9th, I was raised to take a strike until the tying run was up. I agree that it was a meatball, but it was also offspeed and Jones hadn't seen the changeup yet. I agree that at least it was a good location to hit.

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Yeah, I don't want them to swing unless it's a real fat one but I can see the other side of the argument as logical too.

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