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USA Today: In Market Streaming


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While television blackouts of Major League Baseball games continue to be a problem for fans that purchase the MLB Extra Innings out-of-market package, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred expresses guarded optimism that solutions can be reached. In an exclusive interview with The Fields of Green, Manfred said the situation remains similar to what his predecessor, Bud Selig, experienced.

"We've been looking really hard at the blackout matter, and this is one issue that is difficult because you have rights that have been sold to third parties," Manfred said. "I'm actually optimistic that we're going to make some progress in the worst areas, but it is hard to tell."

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Quite a pickle for MLB. I would pay for MLB.TV if it worked in MASN market and that does mean my cable subscription is gone. How widespread this would actually be is hard to tell. My guess is actually cable subscriber numbers wouldn't change much just because MLB changed the paradigm.

But there is a slippery slope. If MLB bails do the college channles follow? Broadcast networks as well?

Does this lead to ala cart cable delivered via HTTP instead of digital cable? Consumers can only hope but this is a nightmare for Comcast/TimeWarner/etc.

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