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Yakult Swallows to post Barnette

Roll Tide

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I'm surprised that they would post a American player.

Also of interest in is the guy is a relief pitcher who was released from Arizona AAA team in his mid 20s.

He obviously figured it out and has been a pretty good relief pitcher 4 out of the last 5 years.

His 2015 era was 1.36


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More surprised they would post a rp. Doesn't seem like they would get much of a return. The player probably requested the posting.

My assumption had been that foreign players in NPB were on contracts that were like any other - they sign a 1/5 deal and when it's up they sign with whomever they want in whatever league they want. I'm guessing this guy is in the middle of a multi-year deal and wants to go home, and Yakult wants some spare change to let him out of the contract?

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