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The player who blew the ball foul


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Lenny Randle will always be remembered by many of us as the "player who blew the ball foul" during a game against the Royals. Sure, Amos Otis was awarded first base anyways, but the moment lived on forever mainly because This Week in Baseball showed the clip each week in the beginning of the show.

Every once in awhile I get on a role about a player and I wonder, "What ever happened to him?" For some reason i stumbled upon Randle and when I found out that Rolling Stone once named him the Most interesting man in baseball, I had to learn more about him.

If you have 45 minutes and want to be entertained by a story about an amazing MAN, this is the video to watch. What an uplifting person who now has a new fan in me. I'd love to meet him one day.


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