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    • I think you are reading into things way too much here. I don't know how "this team" could be considered offputting. What else would he have used here? As for the the "them" comment, he might have been talking about the AAA/AA guys doing well.  At the end of the day, I could care less. What I care about is the results and he's been doing exactly what the Orioles were hoping for when they signed him.  It's not like he came in and was saying stuff like Steve Kline.
    • To me it's location more than anything. He's way too much in the heart of plate with his fastball and cutter and hitters haven't missed many of those mistakes. Here's his swings and misses:  
    • Here is the relevant part of what he said: Q: I already see sunflower seeds being thrown on your head, clearly this is a fun clubhouse...what does it feel like to be a part of what is going on right now? A: Yeah, it's exciting.  Obviously, there is a lot of excitement going on around here with the new ownership group, a young squad that won 101 games last year.  You know exciting team and exciting organization to be a part of.  THIS TEAM has got a ton of depth in AAA and AA, so its an exciting time for THEM could be a scary team for awhile.     It was striking how he doesn't seem to look at it as if it is his team.  Maybe that is because he wants to keep it business, maybe he feels like the odd man out at the moment because of all the young guys, or maybe he just still thinks of himself as a Brewer.  In any event, you could see a situation where a guy comes to the team, loves it, and feels compelled to stay.  It doesn't seem like we are seeing much of that at the moment from Burnes.  What does this mean?  Could be nothing.  Could be that he isn't seeing much different with the Orioles versus his time with the Brewers so he isn't that impressed.  Could be that this is just how the guy is.   I still think it was a great trade and he will play his best for the team.  But so many people have come here and raved about the team and organization, it was a bit odd to not see similar from Burnes. 
    • So just to be clear, I don't necessarily think Irvin is a quality major league starter and I would prefer him in the pen as well.  The point was that I believe Wells fills a need more than Irvin because Wells has some late inning, high leverage experience.  The preference we all probably have is that they were both in the bullpen vs the rotation, but obviously they're in the rotation due to injuries. Both are better pitchers than they've been so far in 2024.  
    • Thanks Tony. This however is three very similar outings in a row for Wells to start the year. Last year, he was our best starter during the first half? Would love an analysis of then and now and what if any differences imerge or has the league just caught up with Wells as a starter? Is it command or more? Yes, this is like Wells mid year last year but he came back and out of the pen was very good.  Is Wells just ment to be a relief pitcher? Teams seem to be sitting on his high fastball and not missing it. 
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