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Happy 100th Birthday Bill Werber--Oldest EX Big Leaguer last teammate of Ruth


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I wanted to take the time to wish a hearty Happy 100th Birthday to former big leaguer (and Maryland native), Bill Werber. Mr. Werber is the last living teammate of Ruth and Gehrig and also played with Foxx and Grove. He is very sharp and signed an autograph for me through the mail. Some fun Werber facts....

1.) In 1927, Werber practiced with the Yankees for three weeks in between semesters at Duke.

2.) Mr. Werber was the first All-American basketball player at Duke.

3.) Mr. Werber was the first player to appear on a live national TV game in 1939.

4.) Mr. Werber led the AL in stolen bases three times.

5.) Bill Werber (100, 3B) and Linus Frey (98, SS) are both living and comprise the left side of the infield for the 1940 Cincinnati Reds.

6.) Following his retirement in 1940, Werber became a multi-millionaire. through his family's insurance company.

7.) Mr. Werber was married for 70 years.

I urge you to read to article published today in the Charlotte Observer. Any baseball fan of history will enjoy it!


Take care,


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