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All Star Fanfest

Boy Howdy

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Just got back from Day 3 of the All Star Fanfest at Javits Center, NYC

Former Orioles Earl Weaver, Robin Roberts, Luis Aparicio & Dick Williams were among the attractions on the free autograph list, but the line had a 4-hour estimated wait so I passed on that. Got in the much shorter line to score three autographs from veterans of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League instead.

Saw Jackie Robinson's daughter selling her book... Billy Ripken doing a XM radio show live, and listened in when Dick Williams stopped by for an interview.

mlb.tv had their own show going on as well, and I got on to ask a question of former O's GM Jim Duquetter and ex-White Sox hurler Jack McDowell. Apparently, Cal had been around as well, but I never saw him.

It's funny because I was there in my orange, throwback Ken Singleton jersey. When McDowell sees the #29 on the front, he starts guessing Jeff Ballard, his old Stanford teammate. A mlb.tv guy guesses Dick Hall later in the afternoon. Where is the love for sweet swingin' Kenny Singleton?

Many, many, many (almost too many) interactive things that I would've loved if I was still 12 or my daughter a little older.

Best part for me was seeing the minature Hall of Fame exhibit with one of Jim Palmer's caps mixed in with everything from Walter Johnson's jersey, Ty Cobb's glove and a Lou Gehrig hat. Most of the game-used Orioles stuff on sale and/or display was Cal. No surprise there. I nearly bought one of the "Baltimore" road jerseys with Brooksie's name and number, but $$$ were just too steep.

One exhibit was mind-blowing stuff up for auction that I had zero chance to afford. At least half a dozen signed Babe Ruth balls, trophies, uniforms, players contracts, photos...just happy to get an up close look.

Anyway, it's going on Monday & Tuesday too, so if you're near NY, I'd say it's absolutely worth the $25-$30 admission price. If you've got kids, allow plenty of time and they'll be thrilled.

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    • I have stated that I believe that he will improve. 100% I think he will improve but I also do not believe that he is ever going to be the best defensive option at the position and on a team like the O's who have gone out of their way to prioritize defense up the middle, I just don't see him being the guy there unless they give him the Manny treatment at the end of his tenure with the O's and potentially market him to other teams as a SS for trade value. Eventually I think they can they stick him there if they absolutely have to do so and he won't butcher the position but he's not going to be a good defender. That's my feeling. Perhaps they eventually can live with the subpar D there if it increases his trade value when the time comes. Maybe he will shock me and improve enough to be good there. I doubt it...although David Eckstein had a long career as a SS in the majors despite MAJOR physical limitations and generally poor defense as a SS.. and he was not half the offensive player that JH is going to grow into. 
    • I don’t think this discussions matters for what the team does this year.  In the NFL, elite tackle prospects get drafted and play guard their first year.    Zero about this conversation has to do with 2024, deal the first half of the season.
    • They believe he could play SS if that’s what the team needed him to do.  But it appears that’s not what the O’s think is best for the team now, and it’s likely he’ll be at 2B a long time if that’s where he gets most of his reps this year.   This really isn’t very different than when Manny came up.  He was drafted as a SS, played almost nothing but SS in the minors, but the opening was at 3B because the O’s had a very good defensive SS.   So he played 3B, excelled there, and when he tried moving back to SS 5-6 years later, he wasn’t all that good there and moved back to 3B.   It wasn’t because the evaluators were wrong about Manny when he was drafted.   It’s just how his career developed.     
    • I feel like every pitcher who ever gets in shape ends up basically being worse.  Didn't help CC.  Didn't really help El Sid.  There are others but they aren't at the top of mind at the moment.  Now, maybe with the pitch clock it could make more of a difference.  I am hoping for Irvin.
    • Longenhagen doesn't write about Gunnar or MLB'ers much anymore, but doing a compare-contrast in this afternoon's chat, he volunteers he now thinks Holliday projects more surely at SS than Gunnar did for him this time last year.      Gunnar's defensive growth was part of his 2023 success. 12:08 Angelus Novus: Why is Hollday (70) graded higher than pre-2023 Gunnar/Carroll (65s)? Who do you take over the next decade, from that group?     12:08 Eric A Longenhagen: Better perceived chance to stay at SS than I had of Gunnar at that point. Tough not to take Gunnar of those three in this moment.  
    • Totally agree.  I trust the guys making the decisions to put the best player at the best spot on the field.
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