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6/11 Mariners at Orioles


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Why on EARTH would you be playing Ichiro in left centerfield against a guy whose fastball tops out at 87 mph?

And why on Earth would you play the infield in in the top of the 5th inning when you're facing Garrett Olson!??!?!?!

Where is something I can pound my head on?

Don't know how you guys do it. I watch every game- but it's been too brutal lately to put any time into blogging on here. I have to be doing something else... like watching basketball, or eating, or playing video games, or writing... SOMETHING!

I can't find a single Oriole right now, other than Luke Scott, that looks like he has any confidence. Maybe Reimold... but it's just amazing how black and white this season has been- and how it changes on a dime.

If we lose to Garrett Olson- it will be the ultimate slap in the face IMO. I might have do down a few shots if that happens.

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This is as bad of a team-wide slump as I can remember, seriously.

And Trembley sits one of the guys who's heating up.

I know, I know, Uehara + Zaun sitting in a tree, etc... but Wieters is going to have to catch him at some point. There's no reason to have him on the bench.

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