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6/11 Mariners at Orioles


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No, because Uehara doesn't speak English and needs Zaun as his personal catcher, and, uh, Bass does speak English but also needs Zaun as his personal catcher...

...or something like that.

The Uehara part I get. But, once he's gone put MW in the game. And, if you want to give GZ the entire game behind the plate, DH Wieters and make sure he's getting 3-4 AB's a night.

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MASN showed Wieters sitting on the bench drinking the Orange Gatorade. It's part of the AM and DT (and FO) welcome to the big leagues with the Orioles indoctrination. :laughlol:

:eek: And there's Felix Pie, too! He hasn't entered witness protection after all.

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