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Humorous Article Re: Expressed Written Consent


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In the Orioles forum I linked an apparent video of when Todd Williams went to throw an intentional ball to Miguel Cabrera and Miguel instead got a base-hit from it.

Well the video doesn't work because of MLB's copyright laws. So I went digging around on google to see what else I could learn of MLB's required express written consent to retransmit, reproduce, or rebroadcast any MLB game and found what I thought to be a humorous article on Deadspin about this topic.

Apparently someone did write to MLB to get its permission to show a game at their house party and MLB wrote back. Here's the link:


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That's hilarious! :laughlol:

So does "Any rebroadcast..." mean that I need to send a letter each tiime I record the game to watch later?

I know right?? :laughlol: I guess whenever we dvr a game and watch it later we better send a letter to MLB just to make sure.

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