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Old all star games on MLBN

Moose Milligan

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Anyone watching these?

Right now, they're showing the 88 ASG. It's been interesting to see these guys back in their playing days, knowing how the rest of their careers and lives panned out.

Cal Ripken Jr, Orioles...Consecutive games record holder, 400 homers, 3000 hits, Hall of Famer.

Rafael Palmeiro, Cubs...3,000 hits, 500 homers, steroid bust.

Darryl Strawberry, Mets...headed to be an all time great, de-railed by a coke problem.

Kirby Puckett, Twins...career cut short by glaucoma, Hall of Famer, deceased.

Andres Galaragga, Expos...enjoyed a late career resurgance, cancer survivor.

Barry Larkin, Reds...95 MVP, borderline Hall of Famer, MLBN broadcaster

Harold Reynolds, Mariners...GG SS, MLBN broadcaster

Orel Hershiser, Dodgers...in 88, was on his way to one of the more memorable pitching seasons in ML history, set the consecutive scoreless inning streak and lead the Dodgers to a title.

Mark McGwire, Athletics...in the year prior set the rookie HR record in a season. Probably in 88 was hailed as the most exciting young slugger in the game. Went on to have a couple low batting average seasons, then bounced back, 500+ homers and an infamous stint in front of a hearing committee on steroids which killed his HoF chances.

Jose Canseco, Athletics...in 88, on his way to the first 40-40 campaign and MVP. Now probably more famous for being a whistle blower on steroids and drama queen.

Its also interesting to see how many one time Orioles were in this 88 game. Ripken, Raffy, Reynolds, Doug Jones (Indians) Andy Van Slyke (Pirates), Chris Sabo (Reds), Ozzie Guillen (White Sox), Will Clark (Giants), Bobby Bonilla (Pirates). Palmer is in the booth.

Anyone else enjoying the old all star games?

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Love watching these Moose. Makes me feel very old that I remember the original broadcasts, but whatever.

Did anyone see the trivia question in The Sun yesterday, 14 players (11 AL'ers, 3 NL'ers) in the 1994 All Star game once played for the O's..I got 12 of them within a few minutes, 1 after a while, and 1 I had to look up. Good times!

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