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Heckling the opposition...


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Not much of a heckler myself, though when the Mets came to town right after Luis Castillo's epic game ending dropped pop up against the Yankees, the Orioles were rallying in the ninth and I did get out a "Come on guys, we just need a few popups to second to win this thing!"

The most inspired heckling that I've seen had to be this year on Harold Baines night against the Indians. After the long rain delay, there were very few people out in left field, so any one person could be heard very clearly, and oh boy, did poor Matt LaPorta get it for the rest of the game. Lots of generally funny stuff was yelled, but then the magic of internet phones took it further and changed heckling forever. Now you can Google just about anything you want about a player. The guy googled his signing bonus and started itemizing the things that he probably spent it on. He went to Wikipedia and just started loudly reading off his entire Wikipedia entry. It went on and on all night with tons of great little known Matt LaPorta facts getting twisted around. To his credit, Matt was very good natured about it and even threw the guy a ball.

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I remember my little league team took a trip to Memorial Stadium back in the day. The Royals were in town and we sat in the bleachers behind the opposing team's dugout. From the first pitch, one of our assistant coaches got on Dan Quisenberry. He kept it all clean in front of the kids, alot of references to slow pitch softball, pitching underhanded, etc. He had us kids all rolling laughing, and most of the KC bullpen too. And he kept it up ALL GAME. Finally Quisenberry shouted up to him "Hey if I give you a ball will you shut up!".


So Quisenberry fires a ball at our coach. Without missing a beat, the guy catches it and whips it back at Quisenberry and yells "Get everyone to sign it first!"

To the Royals credit, everyone in the bullpen signed it, Quis threw it back up and we watched the last couple of innings in peace.

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I have two heckling stories from old Memorial Stadium of in the 80's.

My first story involves the Mariners in the mid 80's. My sister was about 8 years old and we had bleacher seats above the Mariners bullpen. My sister kept yelling at the Mariner player to go home, you can't beat the O's and Boo with her loud screechy voices for about 6 innings. In the 7th inning a home run was hit into the Mariner's bullpen and Matt Young got the ball pointed to my sister and gave it to her. My sister then bought a Mariners hat and was cheering for them by the 8th inning. What a sellout.

Second story was in the 88 season. My friends and I were at a game and we were on only one's in our section of the bleachers. We were yelling at George Bell and were trying to hide but was impossible because we were the only one in the area. Near the end of the game Bell cursed at us and said we should cheer for a winner. We had no comeback to that remark in 88.

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