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4/28 Stankees @ O's

Balmer Bomber

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I'm 2 for 2 with the game thread this year. Let's keep it going.


Jeter SS

Johnson DH

Teixeira 1B

Rodriguez 3B

Cano 2B

Posada C

Granderson CF

Swisher RF

Gardner LF

Sabathia LHP


Jones CF

Markakis RF

Wigginton 2B

Tejada 3B

Wieters C

Atkins 1B

Reimold DH

Montanez LF

Izturis SS

Guthrie RHP

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    • I would coach the player to take the possible-unlikely double play over the immediate automatic double play.
    • He definitely forced Gunnar to take a circuitous route. 99/100 it's not going to make a difference but kind of like calling a touch foul in basketball, you can't wait til the play is over to decide whether to call it. You see the foul, you call the foul. And Grifol admitted it was correct, his only issue was with the rule, although I'm not sure how a better rule would be worded. Maybe there needs to be an exception for infield fly. 
    • I don’t know how you can blame the player in that situation. The rule puts him in a situation where he’s likely out either way. He can go back to the bag and risk the interference, or he can wait and not return to the bag until after Gunnar passes but then he risks getting doubled up anyway. I’m really not sure what is expected of the runner in that situation. Feels like a lose-lose situation for the runner.
    • I didn't get to see it until just now and wow was that lame. I remember when the Ravens figured out everybody could hold when I think they were trying to burn the final seconds on a last play punt, and the video was pretty comical. I guess any infield fly rule play, the defense has a shot at a free double play if they can run into a guy stepping back to their base. I admit like Jeter faking a hit by pitch, I did on first watch wonder if Gunnar knew the rule and kind of took a bad route.
    • If anyone asks, this demonstrates how a fielder can record an unassisted triple play without ever touching the ball.  Runners on first and second with nobody out.  Batter hits a pop fly near shortstop.  Umps impose infield fly rule (batter out, first out).  Runner on second doesn't go back to the bag.  Runner on first thinks the ball is hit to the outfield and passes runner that is off second base (Runner on first is called out - two outs).  The third out can happen in one of two ways: Runner on second interferes with shortstop attempting to catch the pop up, or; pop up lands and bounces up and hits runner in front of shortstop (runner on second out - three outs).  Shortstop is fielder nearest the ball and gets credited with unassisted triple play and doesn't even have to touch the ball.
    • Definitely a "letter of the Law" vs "the spirit of the law" thing.... That was like being handed a speeding ticket for going 56 MPH in a 55 MPH zone.  Yeah, sure in the strictest terms it's a violation, but come on....really?    
    • There’s a little leeway in that rule.  “ a runner who is adjudged to have hindered a fielder who is attempting to make a play on a batted ball is out whether it was intentional or not." Again, it’s up to the umpire to judge if the fielder was hindered.   It’s like giving someone a speeding ticket for going 1 mph too fast.
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