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    • You’re being too specific. They should have expected a lot of base runners. Even in the example you gave, he gave up runs in most of his appearances. Hyde was hoping for better, of course, but as I’ve said, Viera shouldn’t have been there in the first place. He could have been DFA-ed with little to no risk.  I would much rather have given that opportunity to Vespi, and I imagine most folks here would have as well.
    • Skubal has always interested me but I’m sure the cost would be too high-Mayo.
    • I won’t be surprised either way.  I’m sure we’re not going to see him pitch except in another low leverage situation after that performance, but they still might want to give him another shot and see him on a better day.  As @RZNJnoted, it’s not like he’s been awful every time out this year, and the O’s haven’t had much chance to work with him yet.  At the same time, if they cut bait after one terrible appearance, I won’t lose any sleep over it.  
    • Gunnar is a H o F possibility some years down the road if he stays healthy for 15-20 more years.  I posted this some time ago and no reason to change my opinion.  For people who are baseball fans rather than just Orioles fans that is so apparent there is no reason to keep saying it. In addition, he has a raw boned body  make up that suggests durability.   Very enjoyable to watch him demonstrate his many skills.
    • Roy, how is his family holding up. I think the 4 boys are all grown. I'm sure the media attention makes it hard for them. He must have been a huge (pardon the pun) presence in their lives.  Condolences to all of them.  Also, will the surviving members of the Grateful Dead mark his passing with some event? That would be a can't miss event if so.
    • I mean I just sorta think it was about dumping Stallings, and you get what you can for him. O's probably could have waited to grab Thyago on waivers, but said eh, might as well jump in line and get a 20-year old while we're at it, and get something for Stallings.  If Thyago lasts longer than this Red Sox series on the roster I will be very surprised. 
    • 32nd percentile in sprint speed in 2022, in 2023 and '24 he's been in the 37th percentile. He's in the 52nd percentile in arm strength and was -16 OAA in 2022, -9 in 2023, and 2019, 2021, and 2024 are the only years he's posted a positive OAA he's at +1 this year. His throws are accurate but he does not have a good arm and his sprint speed of 26.8 ranks him as the 279th fastest guy in MLB. If you think the defense and speed are going to improve as he gets older, then sure, I'm being hyperbolic.
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