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Interesting run down of some fangraphs info a couple high (and low) lights:

FanGraphs uses two measures for defense: Ultimate Zone Rating (UZR) and Defensive Runs Saved (DRS). They purport to do the same thing, and they agree that Teixeira and Jeter are rather awful in the field. Among qualifying first basemen, Teixeira’s UZR is better than that of Troy Glaus, Paul Konerko, Ryan Howard and Prince Fielder, which is to say he’s a couple bad plays shy of cadaver. And for those who get so jazzed over Teixeira’s ability to pick throws to first out of the dirt, his 18 scoops are the second fewest in the major leagues – and 30 fewer than Albert Pujols.

Jeter’s is simpler: His minus-11 DRS is better than only that of Yuniesky Betancourt and Hanley Ramirez. His minus-6.8 UZR is better than only that of the same two players. Betancourt and Ramirez should not be playing shortstop. Use the transitive property how you will.

Poor Brad Bergesen. It’s difficult to throw a pitch so poorly that hitters destroy it for 25.7 runs below average. Bergesen’s sinker simply doesn’t dart enough – less than an inch of vertical movement and 2 inches less horizontal movement than the best sinkers – and his fastball is a milquetoast offering. Perhaps Bergesen is getting a hint. In his last start, 34.7 percent of his pitches were sliders. His average over 27 games this season: 24.3 percent.
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    • They better have Westburg jersey's in the team store.
    • That's fine.  That's a take with the appropriate amount of subtlety. The silly rhetorical questions, "How can he learn to hit ML pitching in AAA?" devised to produce a foregone conclusion have no such subtlety. 
    • We could also give up the farm for Jesus Luzardo, as was your plan in the offseason 
    • I’ll leave the player evaluations to you since it’s your specialty.  I just gave reasons why I don’t think we see Povich anytime soon.   
    • How about you give a confidence ranking & ratings (1-10) for those 5 guys to be reliable, productive starters. I would probably put Irvin a clear #1 of the 5, with a confidence level of about 6 out of 10
    • It's a very heavy International program offense since the Orioles rarely draft high school hitters. This is the first time many of these guys have hit in cold weather, so they get a bit of a pass so far. Saying that, the struggles are pretty disappointing, especially for Tavera and Arias, but they are at least not doing too bad in controlling the strike zone so far. Arias in the 7-day IL and hasn't played since April 13th.  Sosa has hit a lot of doubles, but the K's are too high. He's been walking more this last week so that's good.  Acevedo has been a disappointment for me. I keep waiting for him to breakout, but I think he just may be who he is, a toolsy guy that just doesn't have enough hit tool. Mordan can hit a little bit but doesn't have a position. The defense overall has been pretty bad too, with 4th most errors (25) in the Carolina League leading to 19 unearned runs and a lot of extra pitches.
    • I agree, and I don't really see it as Jordan just riding a hot streak. He probably won't end up 6th in MLB in WAR, like he is now, but I think he is going to be a very good player for many years to come. I love the way he plays. He hits it hard consistently, fields well at multiple positions, runs well and seems to be in the middle of most rallies. He brings back some memories of Bobby Grich to me, and I could see him having a Grich like career with multiple All-Star appearances.  I know there is a lot of young talent coming up, but I think there are going to be players moving around to other spots rather than pushing Jordan to a utility role or a trade. I see him in the lineup on an everyday basis for years to come, whether it is at 2B or 3B.
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