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Watching this game is seriously like... spring training for my deep-rooted hatred for everything red sox related.

Please, show the boston dugout some more. I beg you.

Yeah, I want a brawl to break out... :mwahaha:

Drese is getting lit up now...

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    • ordash 12:45 Jordan Westburg gets overshadowed in the strong Orioles system. Do you think he can be an everyday guy by year's end?   Eric A Longenhagen 12:46 I have more a 45 on him because the defense is kinda bleh. Might be out-talented by the others. Still a good player, just ideally want him to have a lefty/defense caddy. Think J Ortiz was more an omnisituational guy, Westy has more juice tho.
    • Nervous Flyball Pitcher 12:41 Can science explain why multiple projection systems (ZiPS and Steamer) think Coby Mayo will play above average 3B defense? I would be thrilled, but those conclusions are the direct opposite of what prospect writers say. I think Longenhagen/Taruskin have projected him at RF since last year.   Eric A Longenhagen 12:43 Yeah, evaluating minor league defense visually (when you can actually do it thoroughly) will give you way better results than a proj system is going to. MAybe proprietary minor league kinatrax and statcast type stuff could help you model defense if you had access to that data.
    • Offensively.     Chone was fun in that 3B was his best position - B-Ref Rdrs thinks he was a minus everywhere else. We hope EBJ puts a Brooks Robinson kind of lock on CF gold gloves (sorry, Julio).    He barely has to hit a lick if he can do that. Luhnow's Astros grew Myles Straw for the league as one data point for the Club wanting to play that kind of player, and I'd imagine on the scouting scale EBJ does everything Straw does, just much better.      Straw's put out just shy of 2 fWAR/year from 2021-2023 while hitting 244/315/307 and being on today's Mount Rushmore of CF defense. Probably only Beavis or Butthead could comment on the Orioles offense if EBJ ever leads the league in walks as part of this group.
    • Cool concept but the head looks misaligned on the body.
    • Always cool to look back at these old lists. 2023 was an interesting year for the group listed here with a few of them who achieved early career success (Mancini, Bundy, Givens) likely fading out of the league, while a few who struggled for a long time posted career best years (Scott, Heim, Harvey).
    • What's wild is that sometime early in winter, this one appeared in my feed on Facebook. Someone must have known about the upcoming design by several months. It's so weird, I almost want one. Almost. It's over ten dollars cheaper, too.  It's called a "tattoo design".  https://stuntinhq.com/products/oriole-two-tone-corduroy-hat    
    • Tim 12:34 Do you think Colton Cowser is anything more than a platoon guy?   Eric A Longenhagen 12:35 I do not
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