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Who are our top five pitchers below AAA?


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Dylan Bundy

Parker Bridwell

Mike Wright

Bobby Bundy

Eduardo Rodriguez

Pretty tough year for Bobby Bundy and Bridwell. Maybe Bundy's struggles relate to the bone chips in his elbow, but I don't know. If Bridwell's in our top 5, something is seriously wrong. He's been awful and I really don't want to hear what kind of stuff he has.

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Other than Dylan Bundy and Rodriguez I'd love to know if Tony or anybody else that has some kind of scouting eye would bet on any other guy fitting the OP parameters making 5 career big league starts.

I think Bobby will be a starter. He was injured this year. The year before it looked like he was on his way to being a back of the rotation guy.

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Talking just starters?



E. Rodriguez

Ollie Drake (depending on his health status, I'm not sure what the latest is on him)

Tyler Wilson

If you add relievers, maybe Clay Schrader sneaks into that 5th spot.

I agree with this list. Drake & Wilson are quietly solid. Wilson struggled at Delmarva, but is looking good in Frederick.

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You guys are missing are latest starter for Aberdeen:

1. Dylan Bundy

2. Kevin Gausman

3. Mike Wright

4. Eduardo Rodriguez

5. Tyler Wilson

Well I guess that depends on how technical you want to get with "hasn't pitched yet" in regards to Gausman. My guess is Gausman was intended to be omitted but I could be wrong.

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I left Gausman (and Kline or anyone else who hasn't played yet) out intentionally. I wanted to look at the guys who actually have been pitching.

To me, Bundy is about 10 levels above Rodriguez, who is about five levels above Wright. Wright strikes me as being not quite as good as, say, Garrett Olson was when he was in our MiL system. I really don't see a plausible major league starter other than Bundy and maybe Rodriguez depending on how he develops. If you looks at how Tillman, Matusz, Arrieta, Britton, Hernandez, Bergesen and even Olson performed at Delmarva, Frederick and Bowie, the current crop just isn't at that level.

So, we'd better hope that (1) somebody from the AAA group finally wakes up, (2) Bundy is the horse we expect him to be, (3) Gausman is a fast riser next year, (4) Rodriguez continues to get bigger, stronger and progress as a pitcher, and (5) Kline or some other dark horse surprises us.

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Oh, my bad. Sorry.

Bundy, Wright, Rodriguez, Wilson, Davies

I looked over the Mike Wright/Garrett Olson and it is a good comparison. One thing I really like about Mike Wright is that he seems to have very good control. Olson had a BB/9 rate over 3.00 in the minors, so far this year Mike Wright is at 1.64. As a comparison D. Bundy is at 1.94. Miguel Gonzalez, who seems to have good control was at 2.51 in the minors, but 3.57 at the majors. Arrieta has never had a good walk rate (3.81 in MiL, 3.87 in ML). Matusz showed good command in the minors (2.57), but he is not good in the majors (3.53). Britton also has shown command problems at both levels (3.21 MiL/3.96 ML).

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