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Pirates Trade Hanrahan to Red Sux.


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The deal has Hanrahan and Brock Bolt going to Boston with Mark Melacon, Jerry Sands, a prospect pitcher, and Ivan Dejesus going to Pitt.

Weird trade to me. BoSox don't get much better and add money.

Besides Koji (and he's debatable) you could say that about every one of their moves so far. They're just all :confused:

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So the back end of the Boston Bullpen looks like: Koji, Bard, Bailey & Hanrahan. On paper it could be utterly dominating, but we shall see. That team's only glaring hole is their starting pitching, and Lester and Buchholz are due for a comeback.

Starting lineup has a lot of risk, though it could be very good. Consider:

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (injuries)

2B Dustin Pedroia (should be good)

DH David Ortiz (age)

3B Will Middlebrooks (can he sustain rookie effectiveness?)

RF Shane Victorino (has he started declining?)

LF Jonny Gomes (only hits LHP)

1B Mauro Gomez (28 yo AAA masher - can he hit MLB pitching?)

SS Stephen Drew (can he bounce back from a lousy year?)

C Jarrod Saltalamacchia (only ok)

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