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Would You Have Pulled Vargas When Scoscia Did?

George Zuverink

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Two outs. LH versus LH. 117 pitches and bases loaded on three consecutive infield hits, only one hit hard enough to break glass.

How about pulling Gonzalez in the 9th? Up 3-1. 96 pitches and your best three relievers had pitched an inning around or after midnight the night before. 12:30 start tomorrow.

I'd have let both go a bit longer, but have somebody warmed up. I guess I really am old school.

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I didn't have a problem with pulling Gonzalez in favor of the closer, but I would have left Vargas in. It didn't appear to me he was struggling, and he's not a power pitcher anyway. I would have taken my chances with him. It's not like the O's were slapping him all over the yard.

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