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AL East Finish Order - Pre Spring Training Games Edition


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There - I'm out with it. We can revisit this just before the actual season opens, but as of things right now this is my predicted order of finish.

For the record, I got the exact order of finish last year. It's in some thread on this site but I have no idea where.

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team (win range)

Baltimore (90-92)

Toronto (86-88)

New York (79-81)

Boston (79-81)

Tampa (75-77)

The division has no really bad teams, and Baltimore's win total will go down, but they still out-compete the other teams. Toronto has injury problems all year, New York overachieves again, Boston can't pitch and Tampa can't hit.

Division MVP: Adam Jones

Division CYA: Marcus Stroman (yup)

Division ROY: Daniel Norris (though the field is weak; expect several September call ups)

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