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Bryan Price, Reds manager's rant.


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It was perhaps the most out of control rant I have heard in some time. He seemed most agitated by the mistaken idea that it is a reporter's job to report things that are beneficial to the Reds. It is amazing that in this modern era of media relations that he does not seem to get this. Now, he could have just refused to answer questions or done a Bill Belichick one word answer routine, and, fine, but to just profanely berate a reporter for not being a Reds fan/supporter seems asinine. He seems like he is in way over his head as a major league manager in the Twitter/instant communication mode of 2015

Thank God, I cannot imagine Buck Showalter doing that, ever. And as profane as Earl Weaver was, something like this never happened in media settings.

Because acting like an out of control prima donna does send a message to your team, namely, that the problem isn't your performance, it's the media. I am not sure that is a good message to be sending or having to be managing.

And his "apology" this morning was perhaps even worse than the rant.

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