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Surgery for Matusz


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I have the same shoulder problem, so I know first hand how bothersome this can be.

I wrote earlier that Brian Matusz will undergo arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder on Monday before returning home the following day.

"It's an arthritic right AC joint. They're going to do an arthroscopic surgery to repair it," he said.

"We want to do it early, right when the season ends, so just to get it done and get it out of the way, just to get it done and get back to training and get ready for next year. It's a pretty minor procedure. I think the rehab is pretty minimal for the most part. It's the external part of the shoulder, so there's nothing internal or anything serious.

"Usually spend the first month of the offseason just chilling. That way we want to get it done right away so we can use that time as a grace period to give it rest and allow it to recover."

The shoulder bothered Matusz in spring training and he received a cortisone injection.

"That kind of eliminated the pain for a while and then the cortisone shot wore off it and the pain started to come back," he said.

"It was shortly after the All-Star break, but it wasn't anything that hindered performance on the field. If anything, it resulted in backing off workouts. Basically, we restructured workouts around the shoulder."

source - Roch
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Fun fact: Brian Matusz has a higher career rWAR than Justin Smoak (3.4 to 1.9).

2008 Round 1 by rWAR:

28.8 Buster Posey

14.0 Brett Lawrie

9.0 Eric Hosmer

8.6 Jason Castro

7.6 Gerrit Cole

7.1 Gordon Beckham

6.2 Lonnie Chisenhall

6.0 Yonder Alonzo

5.1 Pedro Alvarez

5.1 Ike Davis

4.7 Andrew Cashner

3.4 Brian Matusz

2.4 Aaron Crow

2.2 Aaron Hicks

1.9 Justin Smoak

1.1 Jemile Weeks (hi!)

0.4 Josh Fields

0.3 Ryan Perry

0.1 David Cooper

0.1 Brett Wallace

0.0 Daniel Schlereth

-0.0 Tim Beckham

-0.1 Kyle Skipworth

-0.5 Allan Dykstra

-0.5 Ethan Martin

-0.8 Christian Freidrich

-1.2 Casey Kelly

xxx Reese Havens

xxx Anthony Hewitt

xxx Carlos Gutierrez

That's #12 to this point out of 30 picks.

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Anyone think Matusz has a shot to return? I don't, but you never know.

$3.2 mill this year. Last year of arbitration this fall. 5-ish is the most he's gonna get. I think he's worth that.

He's not worth squat! Get rightys out!

David Ortiz.

Gives up a ton of inheriteds...

I'm pretty torn.

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