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    • We do have different definitions of extension.   Means will be a FA after the season.  An extension is any contract the keeps him an Oriole instead of becoming a FA IMO.  One year or more.     Heck the O's may have extended Coulombe when they gave him an option year for 2025.  Its an extension if they pick up the option. If Means goes FA then he signs with the O's that is not an extension.   That is signing a new contract.
    • The 2nd paragraph is what I’m asking about.  You would just keep Vaughn at 2B, which is no penalty at all on that play because he wasn’t trying to advance.  Right?
    • By current rules? It's clear runner's interference, and the rule explicitly says that runners interference on an infield fly is a double play, with both the batter and the offending runner out.   Does that rule suck?  Yeah, kind of.  I'd be in favor of calling the ball dead on runner's interference on an infield fly, and just telling the runners to go back to their starting base.
    • One thing I will say is that if you were to make this call in the 2nd inning, you make it there too. A pet peeve of mine in pro sports are fans, analysts, players, coaches, etc…saying “you can’t make that call in that situation”. If it’s the rule, you make the call. It’s just that the call should never be made. Umps ignore the rule book strike zone all game long, so why enforce something as mundane as this?
    • The way the rule has been applied, contact in any shape or form constitutes "hindered" and you can interfere even if the runner doesn't make contact; merely forcing the fielder to go around you is runner's interference.
    • The O's can release Ort this afternoon.    Not every player should stay. I think there is a good chance the Santander, Hays and Mullins go next off season. Urias and McCann will be on the bubble.  Could go if there are good replacements. Is that enough change for you? Means is a solid, effective pitcher when healthy.  He has been through a long rehab.   Hopefully he is close to coming out on the other side of that period.   He is not likely to be very expensive like Burnes.    IMO he fits with the O's if he can show he can pitch effective in the last two thirds of this season. 
    • Thanks.  I know all that.  I was asking Hallas to explain something he said.
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