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Five Things To Know About Orioles Prospect Chris Lee


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    • The BP Annual made brief mention of his pitching motion having elite extension.
    • True but Cowser is the only Elias/Sig high 1st rounder in this group.     Its been almost 4 years of at least some uncertainty if his game would translate to MLB at all, and 4 days to dream on. Cowser even more than Kjerstad felt like a floor more than ceiling profile, so this tease of "I'm gonna make Adley hit 5th" is a big moove.
    • Whether that happens immediately or after a game or two, I expect that is the general plan with Ramirez. We had the luxury of a couple open 40-man spots, so it makes sense to grab a fringe player with decent stuff that has a good chance to pass through outright waivers. I guess counter argument would be: why would Orioles need to trade for him if no team was going to claim him? The other reason he might not get outrighted immediately is our lack of right-hand relief options on the 40-man. The only ones are Baker and Ort. Despite being  our hardest throwing options (outside of Charles), they’ve both been terrible so far.   Among non-40 man relievers, the only righty who has been decent is Albert Suarez (assuming we’re not skipping Keegan Gillies over AAA). However, he is out of options so couldn’t be removed from MLB active roster in future without exposure to waivers. I expect Elias to wait for more visibility into Bradish/Means/Perez status before Suarez becomes a consideration.
    • Akin is a reliever and not a special one at that. He will not continue this dominant pace, though we’ve seen him be useful.  There will be no interest in making him a starter.  Anyway, I thought Tyler Wells was good for 15 starts at a 3.20 ERA? 
    • He can hit the ball a mile but he makes Jud Fabian look like Rod Carew.  His best bet is on the mound which is why the O’s drafted him as a pitcher.  He’ll be interesting to follow.
    • Could have had Lawlar!  😄
    • I don't know if that is really fair.  I know that I would tell any man (or kid) to not even consider getting married until you were at least 30, and preferably 35.   I know when I first read that Holliday was getting married at his age my first reaction wasn't 'good for him'.   It was....'that seems strange to me'.    Back in the day, as you referred to, people got married younger because A) people didn't live as long so they wanted to get things going if they wanted to start a family and B) women usually just stayed at home being a house wife/mom.  These days women are much more active outside of the home.  (not saying that is necessarily a good thing) I hope he has a great marriage but man, I think back to when I was 20 and I could never imagine in a million years getting married at that point.      He is in the prime of his dating life and could date lots of different girls.  Being tied down to one at that age?  It seems bizarre really. She is a pretty girl....I will give her that.
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