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vs. RANGERS, 8/04


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In 2011, the Toronto Blue Jays drafted Joe Musgrove in the 1st round, which netted him a $500,000 signing bonus.

Today, Musgrove toes the rubber against the team that drafted him (and traded him away one year later.)

Musgrove pitched 7 innings of 2-run ball against his former team, walking 1, abd striking out 7.

In fact, for the season, Musgrove has pitched 11.33 innings and ceded only 2 runs, for a 1.59 ERA.


TORONTO BLUE J AYS OOo))))...llllllll - 2


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<center><b><FONT SIZE="+3"><FONT COLOR="#ff9900">B</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c07400">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#804d00">l</FONT><FONT COLOR="#402700">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#402700">m</FONT><FONT COLOR="#804d00">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c07400">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff9900">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c07400"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#804d00">O</FONT><FONT COLOR="#402700">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#402700">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#804d00">l</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c07400">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff9900">s</FONT></FONT>


<FONT SIZE="+3"><FONT COLOR="#004080">T</FONT><FONT COLOR="#3c2b56">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#78162b">x</FONT><FONT COLOR="#b30000">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#78162b">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#3c2b56"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#004080">R</FONT><FONT COLOR="#3c2b56">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#78162b">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#b30000">g</FONT><FONT COLOR="#78162b">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#3c2b56">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#004080">s</FONT></FONT>

Game 3 (7:05)

<IMG SRC="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-4evt_yR1gMU/UzTdlP6fzzI/AAAAAAAAA-c/aQl2QKl01Gk/s1600/Orioles3.gif" HEIGHT="80" WIDTH="80" BORDER="0"> |=======| <IMG SRC="http://content.sportslogos.net/logos/53/77/full/ajfeh4oqeealq37er15r3673h.png" HEIGHT="80" WIDTH="80" BORDER="0">

Team Records

61-45 |=======| 62-46

1st, +1.0 |=======| 1st, +5.5

Streaks / L10

+3, Won 2 of 3 / 5-5 |=======| -2, Lost 4 of 7 / 6-4

Team Offensive Rankings (AL)

BA: .263 (6th) |=======| BA: .265 (4th)

OPS: .770 (2nd) |=======| OPS: .756 (7th)

Runs: 492 (6th) |=======| Runs: 505 (4th)

HR: 154 (1st) |=======| HR: 139 (5th)

Last 7 Days

BA: .203 (13th) |=======| BA: .284 (3rd)

OPS: .604 (13th) |=======| OPS: .841 (2nd)

Runs: 26 (10th) |=======| Runs: 34 (4th)

HR: 8 (6th) |=======| HR: 16 (1st)

Team Pitching Rankings (AL)

ERA: 4.25 (7th) |=======| ERA: 4.36 (11th)

WHIP: 1.39 (12th) |=======| WHIP: 1.38 (11th)

BAA: .260 (10th) |=======| BAA: .263 (11th)

TB: 1509 (10th) |=======| TB: 1556 (12th)

Last 7 Days

ERA: 4.44 (11th) |=======| ERA: 3.00 (3rd)

WHIP: 1.26 (7th) |=======| WHIP: 1.07 (2nd)

BAA: .231 (7th) |=======| BAA: .229 (6th)

TB: 107 (8th) |=======| TB: 108 (9th)


ERA: 5.00 (13th) |=======| ERA: 4.15 (5th)

WHIP: 1.46 (14th) |=======| WHIP: 1.36 (8th)

BAA: .274 (12th) |=======| BAA: .256 (5th)

TB: 1012 (7th) |=======| TB: 966 (3rd)


ERA: 3.06 (1st) |=======| ERA: .273 (15th)

WHIP: 1.28 (6th) |=======| WHIP: 1.42 (14th)

BAA: .237 (5th) |=======| BAA: .273 (15th)

TB: 497 (9th) |=======| TB: 590 (14th)

NEW: Quality Start minimum requirements

* - Game ERA must be 4.00 or less with at least six innings pitched


Wade Miley


4.98 (1.35/.274)

82K / 34BB, 18HR

QS: 7


Miley is a decent addition especially being a lefty starter. He hasn't been all that great this season, but he had his best month in July posting a 3.45 ERA despite a 1-4 record. He has terrible numbers against the Rangers and gets hammered by righties though it could be worse and his numbers at Camden Yards are atrocious.

Splits & Sits

102 vs. left: .239/.284/.363, 3HR

367 vs. right: .284/.342/.431, 15HR

Bases Empty: .276

RISP: .310

RISP w/2 outs: .278

Men on w/2 outs: .288

Man on 3rd, < 2 outs: .211

Career @ Camden Yards (3 starts)

(1-2) 8.03 (1.70/.308), 3HR

Career vs. TEX (6 starts)

(1-4) 5.55 (1.32/.276), 3HR

vs. Batter

Ian Desmond (16 AB) .188, S-HR

Elvis Andrus (15 AB) .333, 3 2B, 3RBI

Adrian Beltre (15 AB) .267, HR, 3RBI

Jonathan Lucroy (11 AB) .364, 2B, HR, 3RBI, 2BB

Carlos Beltran (10 AB) .200, 2B, 4RBI

Delino DeShields 4/9, RBI

Roughned Odor 2/9, 2B

Ryan Rua 3/8, RBI

Robinson Chirinos 2/7, 2B, 3B, 3RBI

Nomar Mazara 1/6

Mitch Moreland 2/4, HR, 2RBI

Jurickson Profar 0/1, 2BB



A.J. Griffin


3.99 (1.26/.228)

54K / 28BB, 10HR

QS: 3

Griffin got off to a great start in April (2.52), but after two May starts, Griffin landed on the DL with shoulder stiffness and had to leave his start against the Tigers as a result. Since returning at the end of June, Griffin has failed to get through six innings a single time in seven starts. He has gone at least five in all but two of them and managed 5.2 IP in his last start which is his best since returning. He finished July with a 5.84 ERA and has allowed a home run in each of those seven starts after allowing only two in the six starts before the DL. Lefties have not been kind to Griffin, but overall has a solid .228 BAA and is even lower with RISP. Walks are a bit of a problem for Griffin with 28 allowed in 67.2 IP and will be the second Rangers starter in this series to make his career debut at Camden Yards.

Splits & Sits

144 vs. left: .264/.333/.486, 9HR

138 vs. right: .190/.290/.225, HR

Bases Empty: .217

RISP: .218

RISP w/2 outs: .150

Men on w/2 outs: .143

Man on 3rd, < 2 outs: .188

2016 Away (8 starts)

(1-0) 3.96 (1.40/.231), 5HR

Career @ Camden Yards (0 starts)


Career vs Baltimore (1 starts)

(0-1) 7 IP, 5H, 4ER, 2HR, 7/2

vs. Batter

Mark Trumbo 1/8, BB, 4K

Ryan Flaherty 0/3

J.J. Hardy 1/3, RBI

Adam Jones 1/3, S-HR

Matt Wieters 0/3

Manny Machado 1/2, BB

Chris Davis 0/2, BB, 2K

The Orioles are able to beat Hamels with a three run first, but were unable to tack on any runs. Fortunately, Gausman was out of character and held the Rangers to two runs though he almost lost it in the second inning. It was also a rare non-homer win for the Orioles, so an all around well played game. This could turn out to be a big series with 10 coming up on the road where the Orioles are absolutely dreadful which likely means a lengthy losing streak as well as playoff implications if they complete the sweep. The Orioles will go for the sweep tomorrow.

Griffin hasn't been too bad for Texas this season overall, but has not been able to pitch deep into games since his DL stint in May and June. Despite his struggles, he has still been better than Miley overall though Miley has been pitching better as of late. He is terrible against Texas and at Camden Yards which certainly isn't good.

Toronto is keeping up as they beat the struggling Astros for their seventh loss in the last 10 games, but still only three back of the WC. Boston is starting to make me doubt that they have what it takes this season after last night's collapse. Porcello has allowed one hit, a solo home run, in tonight's game against Seattle while Boston is scoreless. Detroit has won eight in a row and are now tied with Boston for the second WC spot, so a loss tonight would bump them out of that spot. Also, the Twins continue to play well as they slaughtered the Indians 13-5 and will go for the four game sweep tomorrow afternoon. The Twins have scored double digit runs against Cleveland in all three games and have outscored them 35-16. Despite having no shot, the Twins have become a force early on in the second half which has helped Detroit to pull to two games of the lead in the Central.

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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Wade Miley will take the hill in 2 hours in his Orioles' debut. Here's what he said yesterday about the opportunity: <a href="https://t.co/fZL4e8q4yF">https://t.co/fZL4e8q4yF</a></p>— Dan Connolly (@danconnolly2016) <a href="

">August 4, 2016</a></blockquote> <script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

The Orioles initially were going to have former Ranger Yovani Gallardo start Thursday, but manager Buck Showalter changed his mind. It?s not because Showalter wants Miley?s debut to be in Baltimore.

It?s because Miley allowed just one hit against the Chicago Cubs in a win for the Mariners Saturday and because Miley has made four quality starts in his last five outings. Showalter wants to keep him on turn, and keep him in a rhythm.

?I think having him sit around too long (would be counterproductive),? Showalter said. ?He?s pitching well. Want to keep the ball in his hand.?

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