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Some "Minor" Moves


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A few moves have taken place over the past few days that, while they may not mean much on the outside, they do have some curiosity attached to them..

In no order:


Adam Brett Walker was moved from Bowie to Norfolk after a great start.

Chris O'Brien was activated from the disabled list in Bowie, giving them 3 catchers now.

Glynn Davis was sent to Frederick to replace Austin Hays, instead of Jake Ring being moved up.

Karl Triana, a relief pitcher, was added to Frederick and has made a few appearances already. It might be a place holder for RP Mike Burke, who went on the DL.

Yermin Mercedes was placed on the Temporary Inactive List, brought back, then put back on it. No reason given, but...Weird.

Garrett Copeland, a second baseman, was put up to Frederick from Aberdeen. He was in the GCL last season.


Again, none of these are earth shattering. But a few are a bit...Strange.

Walker was promoted to Norfolk, where he is now another power hitter who can be super streaky (see: Pedro Alvarez and David Washington). Now, it'll be interesting to see if he gets a shot in Baltimore in the event of an injury.

O'Brien is just an org guy, but 3 catchers in Bowie is a bit strange. The organization has a LOT of catching depth with a few to watch (Sisco, Wynns, possibly Levy and Fajardo), a few who are Caleb Josephs backup (Perez and Pena), several who are just org guys (O'Brien, Mercedes, Ariaza, ect) so...This is a bit weird. Wynns has been getting a few more games off recently since Perez has come back, but there has also been more rain outs. Levy is the starter in Frederick, but Ariaza is getting more time behind the plate since Levy had an ankle issue. Mercedes was getting some reps in the field when Levy first came back from the DL, but has been on the TIL for most of the past 2 weeks, appearing in maybe 2 games between stints.

Davis being sent down is a bit surprising. Not because he is a prospect, but they did that instead of bringing up Ring. I did say Ring had a lot of strike outs, which could be the reason he is still in Delmarva.

Triana going to Frederick isn't a HUGE deal, but the fact that he just got there and is getting in a good amount of work compared to everyone else seems to be a sign that he is thought of a bit higher than most of their other pitchers.

Copeland coming to Frederick from Aberdeen, while is a bit "uhhh," is also a bit weird since there wasn't a need for an infielder. Never played in Delmarva. Could be a place holder until they promote Mountcastle.

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23 minutes ago, phillyOs119 said:

Karl Triana looks like he hasn't pitched a pro inning in the last 4 years, but still only 24.  Struck out 5 in 2IP tonight, interesting.

Also pitched in the first game after the All Star break.

He was in Arizona's low A ball in 2013, then the Pioneer League. Resurfaced in 2016 in the American Association and was signed in April by Baltimore apparently.

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Now Stuart Levy Got bumped from catching in Frederick down to Delmarva. 

Mercedes is still on the Temporary Inactive List, so Armando Araiza is the starter with Alex Murphy as the backup in Frederick.

Neither Daniel Fajardo nor Jerry McClanahan were reported injured in Delmarva, plus there are a huge glut of catchers in Aberdeen and 3 in Bowie that they could have sent someone else.

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