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Mussina retirement decision expected this week


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There's a good NY Times article on Moose's upcoming decision and his Hall of Fame chances: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/18/sports/baseball/18mussina.html?ref=baseball

The Times polled 40 BWAA writers on whether they'd vote for him for the HOF. 17 said yes, 8 said no, 15 said maybe. Considering it takes a 75% vote to get in, it sounds to me like Moose is likely to fall short, at least at first.

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    • Take Roughned Odor’s 472 PA at .275 OBP and give them to Gunnar Henderson (.348). Take Tyler Nevin’s 184 PA at .299 OBP and give them to Terrin Vavra (.340). Take 90 of Robinson Chirinos’ 220 PA at .265 OBP and give them to Adley Rutschman (.362).   Assume a new backup C will be just as inept as Chirinos, but won’t be starting for the first 1/4 of the season like Chirinos was. Those three relatively simple moves add about 8 points to the team OBP, moving them from slightly below average to slightly above average.   Anything we do from there is gravy.   Of course, you do have to replace Trey Mancini’s 401 PA at .347 OBP.     
    • Trade Mullins for a starter and sign Kevin Kiermaier to platoon with McKenna for a year or two until a better option comes along. Bada bing, bada boom.
    • Frobby!  The excitement comes from the athleticism and the incredible plays they are able to pull off.  I find it somewhat similar to baseball in that respect.  The same beauty and athletic art it takes from Brooks, Manny, Omar, Ozzie to make all those incredible defensive plays is on full display throughout a soccer match.  That plus the level of fitness it takes to compete and how the fitness levels expose themselves in the last 15 minutes of each game is thrilling (to me at least :).  It took me a while to get into it as well, but once you get the bug there is no going back.  It truly is a beautiful game to watch unfold.    The Iran game is massive.  One of biggest games ever for our Country.  It is going to be extremely exciting.  Iran is a very good team so we cannot take them lightly.  With that said, I like our chances.  I think the boys will have a little swagger in their step after the draw against England. 
    • Only if the O's have an equal or better replacement in CF.  The O's are trying to win now.  They should not create holes.
    • The point of the last half decade of tanking was to build a potent, sustainable talent pipeline, and the early results look pretty good, at least on the position player side of things. Blocking all of that young talent with expensive, mid-tier free agents is antithetical to what Elias is building here.
    • I’m not disagreeing on Abreu, I just think Elias is in on his guy. Also, if Elias is truly all In on competing he won’t rely on 2-3 of these prospects right now beyond Adley and Gunnar to be immediate impact guys. 
    • I think you can get Benintendi on 2-3 year deal. Cowser hit .219 in AAA so you don’t need to rush him. Assume he’s at least a year away.By that time you can figure out if Stowers is anymore than a fringe major league player. If you have surplus then you can deal 1. We have power in Adley, Gunnar, Santander, etc.  Ill keep saying that you guys are falling in the same old trap. Making plans about every prospect coming up , immediately making a impact, etc. The farm system is much improved no doubt. But, expecting to hit on a high percentage of these guys isn’t realistic.
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