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Glavine Tomorrow Night


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ESPN made a good point of noticing that Tom Glavine may be the last pitcher (or at least for quite some time maybe) to win 300 games. Relying on bullpens and extended periods between starts has diminished win totals for starters in recent decades. Not to mention the fact that pitchers now typically spend much more time in the minors.

Top ten active pitchers by Wins (Age):

1. R Clemens-351 (44)

2. G Maddux-340 (41)

3. T Glavine-299 (41)

4. R Johnson-284 (43)

5. M Mussina-244 (38)

6. D Wells-235 (44)

7. J Moyer-225 (44)

8. C Schilling-213 (40)

9. K Rogers-210 (42)

10. P Martinez-206 (35)

Of that list (excluding the top 3), uncertainties are abound. If Johnson can eek out one more solid season (or two more injury-plagued mediocre seasons, if he ever does come back) he certainly has a chance. Moose is looking at least 4-5 more solid seasons excluding any wins accumulated between now and the off-season; Martinez can't seem to stay healthy of late; and the rest of the list is just plain too old. I'll certainly be watching tomorrow night, just in case.

BTW, notable pitchers for years to come:

J Santana-89 (28)

J Garland-90 (27)

C Sabathia-94 (27)

B Colon-146 (34)

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That's a good question. I'm not sure if Johnson comes back next year. Mussina may have a chance, but the younger, established guys I've looked at aren't on pace.

Oswalt will be 30 this month (109 wins) and is averaging about 16 wins/year.

Peavy is 26 (68 wins) and averages around 16 wins/year.

Buehrle is 28 (106 wins); also about 16 wins/year. If he can keep this pace until he is 40 he has a chance.

There's no telling if any of these guys will maintain their performance for another decade or not. It may be another 10 years before there is another 300 game winner. 2007 has really seen a lot of milestones; Bonds, Biggio, Clemens, A. Rodriguez, Thomas, Sosa.

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I believe Oswalt plans on retiring after his age 35 season. At least that's what I read a while ago. Apparently it's always been his plan, milestones be damned.

There's no chance Buehrle gets to 300 wins because Buerhle is just not that good of a pitcher.

I fully expect Randy to keep playing until he hits 300. If Pedro rebounds and keeps on for another 7-8 years, he could, but that's a bit unlikely.

Not that it matters at all, in any context, ever, how many wins a pitcher has. (edit: I was about to cut this line out because I know I'm exaggerating, but I re-read it and I think people'll think I'm being sarcastic. I'm not. Wins are not something to spend excessive amounts of time discussing. I feel unclean.)

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yep Mrs. Glavine's got it goin on ;)

Randy Johnson could do it, but I don't think he will. Mussina I think would have a better chance than him only because he's just a little bit younger. Everyone else is pretty much winding down to the end of their career.

I was watching the Mets game on tv. It's just weird that I watched possibly the last 300 game winner before I like....die.

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