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DJ Stewart is on a heater.

It is a well-earned LOL Mets label over the long haul, but I do think we can know with basic Sigbot certainty David Stearns is going to get the Luhnow-Elias things done.


Fingers crossed he prioritizes Juan Soto this winter.    An AL East challenge would be if NYM lean Burnes, and it helps Yanks retain Soto.

"We made a run at a top-tier free agent this offseason," Stearns said. "We did not get him, and that's going to happen sometimes. But we will pick our spots, and there will be times when we're going to bring in premium free agents. There are going to be times when we're focusing on other areas of the player-acquisition market. We still feel like we can field a very competitive team while doing so."

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Pete Alonso tagged out at home trying to tag up on a flyball to LF the last out of a 1-run loss last night.

MLB Now reviewing the play, a LF Ian Happ to 3B Nick Madrigal relay, had the detail it was the first play in 8 years an out was recorded at home when the defense needed a relay.

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I laughed at the Trey Mancini-Pete Alonso comparison!


For that reason, along with the fact that he’s on an expiring contract, the Mets shouldn’t expect a package of multiple top prospects for him. I think he’ll get a return closer to the one the Orioles got for Trey Mancini two deadlines ago. The Mets could, of course, make a trade more enticing by paying down some of Alonso’s salary. As it stands, whichever team acquires him will have to pay about $6.8 million for the remainder of the season.

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