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Wily Mo to Nationals...


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shrug. Would have taken him for free or very cheap, but I can't see him being worth a bidding war and the Gnats likely gave up someone off of their 40-man.

And it helped a wee bit that they don't play in the same league, much less the same division as the Red Sox.

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I gotta say, looking back at everything the Nats have done over the past couple of years, they're gonna be really good really soon. I'm hearing their planning on doubling their payroll in the next year or two.

They won't.

I don't see how Willy Mo really helps them. Between him and Young they have got the market cornered on home-run power that can't field.

It's like Bowden forgot that there was no DH in the NL.

They needed to trade Young high, they needed to trade Soriano last year. They have done neither. The AAA level is still pretty barren. Their current rotation is about all they have - and I don't see them being bidders for Johan Santana's services this winter.

The Nats are still far away. The only thing they really have going for them is the fact that they are in the National League where it is a lot easier to move quickly.

They are 11 games under 500 and people are talking about how they are having a BETTER than expected season. And that is with Young having the best year of his career.

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They have one fewer win and three fewer losses then we do, in a weaker league (but a division that looks to be at least as challenging as ours over the next several seasons).

Their bullpen is better then ours, but their rotation is about .8 runs worse in ERA (again, in a weaker/better pitcher's league).

Thye say they will expand their payroll, but they have unproven ownership in that regard, plus they are being run by Jim Bowden.

I would have much more confidence in the Orioles then in the Nationals being contenders soon.

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