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O's already up 3-0 vs. Tampa Bay, Aug. 13


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B. Roberts, 2B .262 .333 .381

N. Markakis, RF .293 .375 .439

T. Wigginton, 1B .262 .334 .454

L. Scott, DH .291 .351 .570

A. Jones, CF .282 .318 .452

F. Pie, LF .294 .322 .471

M. Wieters, C .244 .321 .372

C. Izturis, SS .245 .290 .283

J. Bell, 3B .218 .218 .255

J. Guthrie, SP 6W 11L 4.04 ERA

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2B Brob

RF Markakis

1B Wigginton

DH Scott

CF Jones

LF Pie

C Matt Wieters

SS Cesar Izturis

3B Josh Bell

SP Guthrie


C Jaso

2B Zobrist

LF Crawford

3B Longoria

RF Joyce

DH Aybar

1B Johnson

CF Upton

SS Brignac

SP Shields

Thanks! characters

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Back to back doubles by Jones and Pié make it 3-0 despite a bad start to the inning. Shields up to 28 pitches and he aint out of trouble yet!

Someone please post the lineup! :laughlol:


Roberts, B, 2B

Markakis, RF

Wigginton, 1B

Scott, DH

Jones, A, CF

Pie, LF

Wieters, C

Izturis, C, SS

Bell, 3B

P. Gutherie

Tampa Bay

Jaso, J, C

Zobrist, 2B

Crawford, LF

Longoria, 3B

Joyce, RF

Aybar, W, DH

Johnson, D, 1B

Upton, B, CF

Brignac, R, SS

P. Shields

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Haha, it looks like he isn't used to it either...

Who can blame him? He's probably shaking with excitement at the chance for another W. With six already, he's got a very good shot at a double-figures total for the season.

Rays announcers sd Markakis's catch was fantastic, but I cdn't understand their description of it.

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    • I went to the game as part of a fundraiser for my daughter's school, so I was happy to go.  But it was not fun to watch.  But I need to know from others if it seemed like the Brewers were being a little showboaty or sort of in your face-ish.  One instance in particular makes me ask, before the benches cleared, was in maybe the 4th or 5th inning, the Brewers struck out an Oriole batter on a close pitch with the batter sort of standing stunned in the box when their catcher pops up, bounded a couple leaps in the air (edit - toward his bench) and hurled the ball into the upper deck.  The batter was still in the box.  It all happened fast, but I was kind of stunned.  I haven't seen anything like that. I'm sorry on not having better details our seats were in 81 under cover with no vantage point of the Jumbotron. lol  and other than the phone I had trouble following who was up or any other info about the game in the midst of my daughter talking my ear off the whole time which was, admittedly, the whole reason for going to the game in the first place.  Good night out, terrible game.
    • I’m unclear how the plan to stretch him out would work. 
    • All you say/propose could be correct. But I struggle to see the problem/issue. All players at the professional level are independent contractors at the end of the day. Yes, they want to win and are hyper competitive, but they also want to get paid. He is one year away from receiving generational transforming money and he knows that his performance will determine that. When it comes to him viewing the Orioles as an oasis in a desert, why would he do that? He’s coming from a winning/successful organization and going to another. The Orioles have not done anything on the field (during his tenure as a pro) that is any better than the Brewers. We HOPE that they get there, but they have a long way to go.
    • The OnlyoneOriole advice column would be a sensation. Who wants to start a thread?
    • I do think front offices generally are trying to get more innings from big relief arms, looking at what the Giants are doing with Jordan Hicks, or even the Brewers with DL Hall. I believe the Sigbots seeing so many Arms that can be good once through the order is some of how/why the SP5 role isn't as prominent anymore.    SP5 does have more pre-trade deadline importance as the middle-tier Clubs see who is and is not having a good season any given year. Akin has been so good so far I'm sure he'll get expanded opportunities for more innings if he keeps throwing well.    He'd be an interesting Opener against a lineup with some strong left handed bats, and after last night looking for ways to ease things up for Tyler Wells may be helpful.
    • Sometimes we need to tip our hat to the other team.  We weren't hitting or pitching.  They were. People under-estimate Peralta as "just" a 5 and diver. MIL is a good team.  Ortiz looks like he could be an answer to one of their holes.  Chourio having a ROY start.  And Yelich is a competitor.  Hoskins > Tellez.  Other than the long-term decision of cashing out on Burnes, they made some good moves this off-season.
    • Is that reaching for the line drives back up the middle?
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