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Cano, A-Rod, Braun and Granderson to be suspended?


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The guy who tweeted about the suspensions correctly nailed the suspension of Melky last year, a full month before he was pushed out for 50 games.

No idea if any of this is true. At first I thought, based on the comments in the other thread on the main page, that the original tweets were just making a prediction that these players will test positive this season.

However, if these players have already tested positive prior to the season, meaning during spring training, and obviously time will tell, it might just be proof that the new testosterone test just put in to place is already paying dividends. Also, Cano and Braun are in the WBC and have to be tested prior to playing in that, which is, I believe, seperate from the MLB testing. Neither player has been pulled from the roster which means.... I don't know.

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IF this is true it might be the reason behind Selig saying the penalties were going to have to get much harsher. Might be why the Union has said that they are open to change in 2014. If true then the Yankees should NOT sign Cano till the offseason.

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Hi guys, I wanted to make you aware of a story that was reported yesterday by Joe Bisceglie from Dog and Pony Show.

Here is the tweet he sent out:

Anonymous Source: Cano, Granderson, A-Rod and Braun will all be suspended for failing PED test this season

Keep in mind, this is the same guy that broke the Melky Cabrera PED suspension about a month before the national media reported it.

My brother texted me today and told me that his co worker had heard the story, and passes it along to him. Take it for what it is worth, this guy was right about Melky and PED's, but let's see about Grandy, Cano, ARod, and Braun. If it's true it woul dbe a HUGE blow to the Yankees.

You?d be inclined to be skeptical, and for fair reason ? Bisceglie doesn?t name his source. This kind of story is explosive, and deserves tender care before people start going on witch hunts and throwing names out there with no rationale. But consider this: Bisceglie correctly prognosticated that Melky Cabrera would be suspended last season for a failed PED test almost a month before his suspension came

I thought this deserved it's own thread for Orioles fans to discuss. If it needs to be moved then please do so, and if it is a completely false report don't bark at me! :)



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A few national reporters came out and said this was BS today. I posted to my Facebook too:) ha ha. I think I flipped out everyone's buddy Jeffrey Maier, so I got a little revenge :) sorta..haha.

Not saying I believe this guy, but what would you expect the people in the real national media to say? If true, they are being out scooped by some nobody on a random blog.

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