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Dodgers-Giants Rivalry, 2013


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* I'm starting this thread at the request of another poster. :)



Angel Pagan - CF

Marco Scutaro - 2B

Pablo Sandoval - 3B

Buster Posey - C

Hunter Pence - RF

Brandon Belt - 1B

Andres Torres - LF

Brandon Crawford - SS

Matt Cain - RHP (16-5, 2.79 ERA)


Carl Crawford - LF

Mark Ellis - 2B

Matt Kemp - CF

Adrian Gonzalez - 1B

Andre Ethier - RF

Luis Cruz - 3B

A.J. Ellis - C

Justin Sellers - SS

Clayton Kershaw - LHP (14-9, 2.53 ERA)


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Sandy Koufax

He was the pitcher who refused to throw the ball at Juan Marichal, which precipitated the Johnny Roseboro-Juan Marichal incident.

I have the utmost respect for Koufax and Walter Johnson, who never intentionally threw at a batter under any circumstances (actually, Johnson admitted to throwing at a batter ONE TIME in his entire career. He threw at "Home Run" Baker, because Baker intentionally spiked his teammate.)

Ironically, Johnson hit more batters than any pitcher in the history of the game because opposing batters knew this about him, and would always significantly crowd the plate.

Johnson was actually afraid that he would maim or even kill a batter if he hit him. One time, Eddie Collins got hit in the back with one of Johnson's pitches, and was writhing in pain at the home plate. Johnson was horrified, as he immediately sprinted to Collins' side to see if he was OK. Collins eventually got up very slowly, and groggily limped down to first base. On the very next pitch, Collins took off sprinting for second base, stealing it easily on the unnerved and very shaken Johnson. The little bugger (Collins) was faking the entire time, and miraculously recovered in less than a minute to steal a base.

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Place went absolutely berserk after that Kershaw shot to dead center. Fun to watch.

Yep, and after he got the final out. After all these years and the obscene amounts of money they threw around this off season I can't bring myself to pull for this team as hard as I try.

On the other hand, I can't stand the "battery chucks" from the north either.

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It's not the Dodgers vs. the Giants, but it is another excellent game pitched by Clayton Kershaw.

In 2 starts so far this season, Kershaw has pitched 16 innings, given up 0 runs, walked 1, and struck out 16.

He also has 2 wins in the Dodgers' first 5 games of the season.


IP:O 7

H:o. 2

R:O. 0

BB:. 1

SO:. 9

Pitches: 97 (59 Strikes, 38 Balls)

2013 ERA: 0.00

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Kershaw pitched another good game against the Giants, albeit in a losing effort.

He got the no-decision before his team lost the game on a solo home run in the bottom of the 9th inning.


IP:O 7

H:o. 3

R:O. 1

BB:. 3 (1 Intentional Walk)

SO:. 5

Pitches: 104 (62 Strikes, 42 Balls)

Minus the Intentional Walk: 100 (62 Strikes, 38 Balls)

2013 ERA: 1.66

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