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Josh Hamiltion = Jason Kubel?


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New fangraphs piece detailing Hamilton's decline. Not surprisingly he is swinging at everything. Surprisingly, his closest comp over the last season is Jason Kubel.

Now I am not going to hunt down everyone that wanted the O's to sign Hamilton...you know who you are.




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    • I agree. I know that I am an outlier, but I think division titles are more meaningful. So much can happen in a 5 or 7 games series. If the Orioles were to win the World Series, I would be elated but I think it is clear that Atlanta is the best team this year, in a tier of their own above the Orioles and the Orioles are in the second tier with the Rangers, Rays, and Dodgers. If the O's were to lose to one of those teams it wouldn't take away from a great season for me.
    • I am an infield/1B coach for a decent college summer team and I spend the first 4 weeks trying to convince these D1 guys to shuffle-throw instead standing flat footed and moving through the hop instead of throwing sidearm and off balance on routine plays. It usually takes about 5-6 throwing errors and some bench time before they will adjust. I say this because I see more and more MLB middle infielders doing the same thing. Mateo throws flat footed alot too. It seems like fundamentals are not stressed much anymore. JJ Hardy and Bordick were shuffle-throw guys on every routine play and it showed in they hardly ever made throwing errors. 
    • I think an argument can be made that winning the AL East, most years but especially this year, is at least equally if not more impressive than winning the WS.    It’s not the ultimate goal, but it is a major accomplishment that will make this season a roaring success regardless of what happens in October. 
    • Not only would Bradish NOT being going on short rest in this scenario, he’d be getting an *extra* day of rest because the ALDS doesn’t start until 10/7. Plus, he’d probably only throw about 50 pitches in his last start. No reason to take any chances.  
    • No scoreboard to watch tonight with the Rays idle. Really hoping we just wrap this up and have the entire weekend series for a long celebration at the Yard.    I do think the Rays celebration was basically them acknowledging that the division race is over. If they felt they had a realistic chanceto win I don’t think that happens. 
    • My ass wouldn't be sitting in the splash zone tonight. It's not fun when it's mid 50's 🤣
    • Mateo has a roster spot in the playoff secured due to his speed, but his defense has been a little shaky lately so I no longer think he is a defensive upgrade in the late innings. I don't think he should be on the roster next year. There are enough options at short and it doesn't make sense to pay arbitration prices for a backup shortstop and a pinch runner.
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