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    • Considering how well they played in May, it gives some room for a bad stretch. And by bad stretch I mean that if they play .500 for the month of June I would be satisfied. I only say that because the last home series left the impression that regression is in order. Not to sound like a downer, but the division is still too much to expect. So as long as they can keep pace in the wild card standings then it’s a respectable season. 
    • Thanks I think I see what you are referencing (attached below) but I just have a problem with the metric.   Here is another question for the group:  why is there a such a strong correlation between good pitching staffs (chiefly starters) and  "good" catchers especially in the attached framing reference.  Is it the pitcher of catcher?  To me it's difficult to "siloize" pitching and catching stats.  Chicken or the egg?  I'll submit that better pitchers make better catchers and especially aid in framing-also baserunning, WP/PB-really every measure of catching. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/catcher_framing?year=2023&team=&min=q&type=catcher&sort=4,1  https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/leaderboard/catcher-blocking?players=592663-2023-143&selected_idx=0
    • Does Kole Calhoun fit the bill over Vavra?  He just opted out… https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2023/06/kole-calhoun-yankees-opt-out-free-agent.html
    • fearful symmetry... (with a nod to the orange & black theme...):
    • Slugging % and line drive % are still way down.    He’s still a great player and will continue to be a great hitter. Doesn’t offer much in the field. Does he get $400M+ in FA?  I’m not so sure.
    • Maybe the Os can pivot away from the recent stretch of poor baseball.  SF is not a great team, although they have been playing better lately.  The Brewers have been struggling a bit recently, but overall are a decent team.  Hoping they can at least go .500 over this road trip.
    • Probably but not because you are wrong..more like because of how the team operates. I would also think they want to give him a few more at bats. So, best case scenario, if he is back on the lineup next week, is June 20 but that’s also a 2 game trip in TB followed by an off days.  So, maybe they debut him at home on 6/23. Assuming he has no setbacks, there is no legit reason for him not be here around then unless he comes back and looks awful and very rusty because of the time off.
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