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Orioles 6th in SI Power Rankings


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(AUGUST 18th)

The Orioles hold at # 5 for the 3rd straight week


1)1 Angels (72-50)

2)1 Athletics (73-51)

3)1 Nationals (69-53)

4)1 Dodgers (70-56)

5)1 ORIOLES (70-52)

8)1 Tigers (66-56)

6)1 Royals (68-55)

7)1 Brewers (70-55)

8)1 Tigers (66-56)

9)1 Mariners (67-56)

10) Cardinals (66 -57)

11) Pirates (64-60)

12) Giants (65-58)

13) BLUE JAYS (64-61)

14) Braves (64-60)

15) YANKEES (63-59)

16) D-RAYS (61-63)

17) Reds (61-63)

18) Indians (62-61)

19) Marlins (62-62)

20) Padres (58-65)

21) Mets (59-66)

22) White Sox (59-65)

23) RED SOX (56-67)

24) Twins (55-67)

25) Phillies (54-70)

26) Cubs (53-70)

27) Diamondbacks (53-71)

28) Astros (52-73)

29) Rangers (48-76)

30) Rockies (49-75)

Wait, how can the Tigers be in 8th, a vastly superior team? :rofl:

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Am I the only one who does not understand Power Rankings at times? I swore that the rankings were supposed to be based on most recent play. If so, how are the A's where they are?

Not saying they are not a top 3 overall team. Just saying they have not played that great over the past week.

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The power rankings is nothing more than writers voting on the teams:

After eight straight weeks in the top spot of our rankings, the Oakland Athletics, losers of five consecutive games and seven of their last eight, have given up the throne. The Los Angeles Angels are now in the No. 1 spot after going 4-1 last week.This week's biggest risers are the American League Central-leading Kansas City Royals, who are up four spots to No. 6, and the Seattle Mariners, who are up four spots to No. 9.

This week's voters: Jim Bowden of ESPN Insider, Tim Kurkjian of ESPN The Magazine and David Schoenfield of the SweetSpot Blog Network/ESPN.com. Most of the team comments come courtesy of the bloggers on the SweetSpot Blog Network. How do you rank all 30 teams? Go ahead and rank them yourself.

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4th at Grantland, if you care about those things:

6. Los Angeles Dodgers (70-56, +50, LW: 3)

5. Milwaukee Brewers (70-55, +44, LW: 6)

4. Baltimore Orioles (70-52, +54, LW: 4)

3. Washington Nationals (69-53, +92, LW: 5)

2. Oakland A’s (73-51, +161, LW: 1)

1. Los Angeles Angels (72-50, +87, LW: 2)

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The power rankings is nothing more than writers voting on the teams:


As I've stated before, to me, it's just a little bit of fun and interesting discussion in between Orioles games.

It's nothing to be taken too seriously (for me, anyway.)

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4th at Bleacher Report after a couple weeks at #2.

4. Baltimore Orioles (70-52, Previous: 2)

Last Week: 3-2

With a 10-5 record this month, the Baltimore Orioles have built up the biggest division lead in all of baseball, as they are currently seven games up on the New York Yankees and 7.5 up on the Toronto Blue Jays in the AL East standings.

Losing Manny Machado to a knee sprain hurts, but the recent offensive surge of Jonathan Schoop could help offset that loss in the short term. Big picture, it's still all about starting pitching for the Orioles; outside of Ubaldo Jimenez, that has been a legitimate strength for them since the All-Star break.

They actually drop a couple of spots in this week's rankings after losing a series to the Cleveland Indians over the weekend. A trip to the Windy City should give them a great chance to challenge for the top spot next week, as the White Sox and Cubs are simply trying to play spoiler at this point.


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I cant argue with the Angels or A's really, but the O's are lower in part to sustain and perpetuate the AL East is weak theory. That the Nat's are above the Orioles is just funny.

I don't care what ESPN thinks of us really, we have certainly been hard enough on our own here. But to be in this part of the season, and this high on the list and debating that we are not high enough is a wonderful thing. But it really should be said, that the Washington National's is really just an anagram for Cito sucks! but Nats suck too! (with tremendous apologies to Larrytt)

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According to ESPN's RPI (Relative Power Index) formula, the Orioles are #1.


That's because we have the 3rd best winning percentage in baseball, and the #1 most difficult strength of schedule, and whatever else goes into calculating it (opponent's SOS, which they don't actually show us).

That's good enough for me!

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The Orioles move up one spot, to # 3.


1)1 Angels (83-53)

2)1 Nationals (77-58)

3)1 ORIOLES (79-56)

4)1 Athletics (78-58)

5)1 Dodgers (77-60)

6)1 Royals (74-61)

7)1 Tigers (74-62)

8)1 Brewers (73-63)

9)1 Giants (74-62)

10) Mariners (73-62)

11) Pirates (71-65)

12) Cardinals (73 -63)

13) Braves (72-65)

14) YANKEES (70-65)

15) Indians (70-64)

16) BLUE JAYS (69-67)

17) D-RAYS (66-71)

18) Marlins (66-69)

19) Padres (64-71)

20) Reds (66-71)

21) Mets (64-73)

22) White Sox (62-75)

23) Phillies (62-74)

24) Cubs (61-76)

25) RED SOX (60-76)

26) Twins (59-77)

27) Astros (59-79)

28) Diamondbacks (57-79)

29) Rockies (54-82)

30) Rangers (53-83)

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