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2014-15 Orioles Offseason Tracker


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C Scott Kalush is on the Voluntarily Retired list.

C Jack Graham is on the Voluntarily Retired list.

3B Cameron Kneeland is also on the Voluntarily Retired list, but present in Minor league camp. I wonder if he's just coaching.

Orioles also have a 17-year-old in minor league camp named "Luis Hernandez" that I can't find any information about. I don't think he's played a snap for any of our minor league teams yet.

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Didn't see it in the news or anything. Not sure when it happened. Wikipedia and Baseball Reference don't have any info, say he's a free agent.

Pitcher Elih Villanueva is in camp, according to Doc Shorebird's minor league camp rosters.

Saw this on Rotoworld yesterday.

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    • Right..which is exactly what I just said. You don’t think he will be a good ML SS long term. Zero people agree with that. People agree that the arm isnt SS quality right now. They do believe the range, hands, etc..are ML quality.    So yea, your stance is you alone, which was and is my point. 
    • I am paying very close attention to SJ's spring. I am a huge fan and could see him make similar improvements as Bradish. The stuff is really good. Can he and the O's hone it in and salvage his potential? I think they can/will. 
    • You're just moving goal posts at this point. I have 100% stated and will continue to state that he is not going to be a good defender at SS.. because he will not be a good defender at SS. National publications are beginning to write more about his defensive limitations, so it isn't just me that sees it. He is better suited for 2B and I don't rule out a move to the OF. Gunnar, Joey and Jorge were/are far superior defenders to him right now and unless something happens to Gunnar, he will continue to pace JH on the defensive side. There's nothing wrong with moving JH to 2B. I've compared that combo up the middle to Seager and Semien but honestly I see more Cano in JH than Semien and I think we should be disappointed if JH is only Marcus Semien. 
    • romorr 1:30 Speaking of ZiPS, Fabian was pretty high there, but the K% was pretty horrid once he got to AA. How many prospects K that much, that figure it out at that level? Steep hill to climb, no?   Eric A Longenhagen 1:30 Yes and did film work on his defense, which isn't CF fit for me
    • Uh huh... see all of my posts about the more to SS than just arm strength. It's ok.. keep circling this. If the O's end up moving on from Gunnar in five or six years and they slide JH over to SS then, I'm sure that you will come back and point to how you predicted him as a ML SS in 2024. Good fer you, bud.     
    • We knew he was healthy last summer, no?   He pitched in five games in August/September and was throwing 96, I believe.  
    • How was I wrong about something that is yet to be proven?     And you have definitely hinted that he won’t be a good option at SS now or in the future…and that is with or without Gunnar or Ortiz.
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