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2014-15 Orioles Offseason Tracker


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    • It's obviously a good problem to have if Holliday can improve to serviceable at SS but I just don't see it. The arm strength isn't the only thing that sticks out to me. I don't like his hips as a SS, I don't like how he bends at the waist to field groundballs.. I could keep going but we've beaten up this topic enough. I think we're having a different conversation about this altogether if Gunnar hadn't improved his consistency sooo much last year but he did. JH will get better, no doubt. The sky is the limit for him but it'll be as a 2B or an eventual move to the OF. 
    • I did get the email. I'm just waiting for my current MLB-TV subscription to expire on March 1. Thanks for the update. 
    • Waiver wire moves aren’t the sexiest transactions but 5-6 teams tried to DFA Castillo to get him to AAA and off their 40 man rosters. Well Elias was able to accomplish that, and in doing so picked up a player that if eligible would rank somewhere in between #20-#30 in our top prospects. He’s probably the equivalent to Cesar Prieto, who was one of the pieces we dealt at least year’s trade deadline. 
    • If you signed up, I'd check your inbox for an email giving you a code to get the discount. When I renewed, I think the discount applied to renewing or new members at that time. I doubt they have changed it. For clarity, the website says "50 percent discount (applies to 2024 season for renewing members)." That is worded poorly and I understand why @RarityFlaherty read it the way he did. But I think the issue is that they want members to only receive one annual discount on mlb.tv per each year that they donate to MLBPAA. For example, if I make a donation in April 2024 and get the discount for the 2024 season, then they do not want that person coming back in February 2025 asking for a discount on the 2025 season.  It is worded poorly, but I strongly suspect new members also get the discount. You may want to inquire with MLBPAA. I emailed them last year and they were responsive.
    • Touché.  I remember your eyewitness observations.
    • ordash 12:45 Jordan Westburg gets overshadowed in the strong Orioles system. Do you think he can be an everyday guy by year's end?   Eric A Longenhagen 12:46 I have more a 45 on him because the defense is kinda bleh. Might be out-talented by the others. Still a good player, just ideally want him to have a lefty/defense caddy. Think J Ortiz was more an omnisituational guy, Westy has more juice tho.
    • Nervous Flyball Pitcher 12:41 Can science explain why multiple projection systems (ZiPS and Steamer) think Coby Mayo will play above average 3B defense? I would be thrilled, but those conclusions are the direct opposite of what prospect writers say. I think Longenhagen/Taruskin have projected him at RF since last year.   Eric A Longenhagen 12:43 Yeah, evaluating minor league defense visually (when you can actually do it thoroughly) will give you way better results than a proj system is going to. MAybe proprietary minor league kinatrax and statcast type stuff could help you model defense if you had access to that data.
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